Your Katie-Boo Bakes n' Makes

It's beyond giant head inducing excitement when people tell me they've tried a recipe of mine.
In a moment of (I think you'll agree) pure genius I decided to dedicate a whole page to snaps of readers versions of my bakes and makes. Terribly exciting, non?
Caleigh gallantly volunteered the first picture, and she doesn't want to feel lonely so if you have any pics you've taken after slaving over a recipe of mine let me know by emailing me said pics at . 

Blimey, how nice do Caleigh's version of my Snickerdoodles look?! They are literally the most moreish thing in the entire world! Caleigh is a fellow Coeliac and Crohn pal and has been writing her blog Gluten-free[k] since 2007. Shes been at this gluten-free baking lark far longer than me and is far better at it, so trundle on over to her blog for some yummy cupcakes and sauces plus loads of brilliant basic recipes to slot into your repertoire like pasta and bread.