Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Vitamin Tuesday's

Good afternoon my lovelies!
I hope you all had a lovely relaxing weekend despite the crappy weather in parts, I bet K-Mid was pleased the rain was kept at bay for a week so she didn't have to drag her McQueen frock through the puddles outside Westminster.
My weekend was fairly quiet and non eventful, apart from coming up with what I think is the most genius recipe thought up by a person (namely me) ever. More on that later in the week.
I ordered this notebook for my blog notes and ideas...isn't it lovely? I've ordered two one of which is for me (obviously) and the other will be going in my 100 followers give away. It satisfies every aspect of my notebook sluttery. Although I'm going to hazard a guess and say it'll probably take me ages to bring myself to write in something so pretty, and when I do I'll have to use my 'best handwriting'. What a pleb.
With my Dad's gluten-free challenge coming up soon it's given me the impetus to come up with new dinner and grub ideas. We are very much a household of having dinners on certain days of the week (Spag Bog Friday anyone?) so I'm trying to break the habit and get a bit of variety into my life. Variety being the spice of life and all that jazz.
Food is something I've struggled with over the past few years, due to The Other Bowel Problems. I've always had a 'healthy' appetite (read:chunker) but TOBP has meant (much to mine and my bellies annoyance) that I sometimes have a very poor appetite. The nature of my illness coupled with lack of appetite means that I don't get as many vitamins etc that I should do so I often have to supplement my diet with vitamin shakes called Fortysips. Which taste as inspiring as they sound I can tell you.
This week I'm doing the 1st Edition of a new feature which I mentioned back in January called '2 Ways' -which now that I look at it looks vaguely inappropriate for a title so I may have to rethink it- ideas welcome! The premise of which is one ingredient cooked two different ways.
I'm also compiling my Coeliac Top Tips. It's not my intention to teach anyone to suck eggs but I thought that maybe Coeliac nubes might find it useful. If you have any questions about Coeliac's you want to ask or any tips you might need leave a comment, I always reply to every comment. Or if you have any tips I could feature leave a comment over yonder or drop me line.
P.s.I now have a blog button (eek,so exciting!Thank-you Gem for your help) so feel free to nab it won't you?


  1. I know how you feel about not wanting to write in a new notebook. I have a few just sitting there, screaming to be written in, but I can't...not yet x I always find that the first few pages are in my best handwriting, then page by page it gradually turns sloppy. My school books were always like that...nothings changed.

    I'm sure your dad will be a changed man at the end of the challenge x

    Sorry no idea for title xx

  2. haha, I'm glad i'm not the only nut then!Im exactly the same, the handwriting goes down hill, and then you have to buy another notebook that you won't be able to write in for ages! ditto on the school books as well, at the start of the year you'd be really careful with them, but by xmas you'd they'd be all crappy handwriting and bent pages!
    I'm hoping he will be!He's really looking forward to it!
    I think I have a title now, mum came up with Twice as Nice! thankyou though :D


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