Thursday, 29 July 2010

Back for Good.

Hello again..what do you mean 'who are you?' I haven't been away for that long! Many apologies for the total lack of bloggage recently! I have been gallivanting all over the place to get some nice ideas for my blog and for some new recipes, as well as some shopping, baking and Feng shui-ing my bedroom and also plying my new trade/hobby of sewing! I'm using every sewing skill and technique I remember from GCSE Textiles, which is actually zilch as our textiles teacher, who shall remain nameless (Ms Sylvester) lovely as she was could barely tie her shoelaces let alone teach us to sew! still I scraped through with a decent enough B grade so I thought I'd dust off the old needle and thread and get down to some serious sewing! Here's some of my handy work including a lavender cupcake wardrobe scenter (trying to keep with the baking theme here however tenuous!). Not bad, eh?

My mum, who is responsible for teaching me all my sewing know-how is making it her mission to teach me how to use the sewing machine which is sitting redundant in the loft, and after a good old browse of the AMAZING blog breadandbuttons I'm chomping at the bit to make things!
I want to start a sewing group called Stitch N' Bitch, but I don't hold much hope after our book club crashed and burned after just one book.
I have several baking beaut's lined up for you before the summer is out (if the weather report is anything to go by I'd better get them up quick!) including my Dad's favourite dessert, a super duper vitamin packed tortilla and lots of other various yum-yum in your tum cakes and the like.

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