Thursday, 29 July 2010


As a thank you for baking 62 gingerbread pieces for her classes at school my lovely Mum bought me a gorgeous new cake tin to house freshly baked goodies (check out the pic's below).

I'm amassing some fab baking bits n' bobs, along with my snazzy new tin and my bargain charity shop book stand I have inherited a very kitsch but very pretty cut glass cake stand that I rescued from the box heading for Oxfam. What a save! Although I couldn't find it in order to take a snap so I'll have to show you another time when I've located it.
This year I was also converted from the old school paper cupcake cases to the new-style silicon cases, to be fair it wasn't much of an ordeal converting as most of the silicon cases are very pretty and girlie! My mum bought me a brilliant set of 12 pastel coloured heart-shaped silicon cases from Lakeland, they are super cute (see pic) and Lakeland (if your not familiar with it) is a great place to get useful gadgets and pretty baking bits and bobs and all manner of knick knacks, check out the website they're currently having a big old summer sale which I'm trying not to think about in order to get this post written!


  1. Wow everythink is so so cute! What a lovely gift!

  2. If you them you should definatly check out the Lakeland website for even cuter baking stuff! :) x


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