Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Dietary Specials at The Co-op

6 years on from my Coeliac diagnosis the one thing I still um and ah over is mealtimes.
In a perfect world I’d be Jamie Oliver-ing it in the kitchen getting knife happy with exotic looking veg and cooking everything from scratch . This however, is not a perfect world and I don’t have the face shape or bone structure to pull off Jamie Oliver's hair, and the most exotic veg in my local green grocers is some questionably shaped carrots and swede.
On the days when you’ve got in after dropping an all time record of 7pint glasses at the pub, or tripped an old lady up whilst showing her the cod liver oil, or a day when you hoovered your own skirt up in the Henry Hoover and flashed your knickers to a line of waiting traffic outside the shop (just a few examples of the stressful working days I’ve had in various employments) the last thing you want to do is go out of your way to pick up a quick dinner at the Big Supermarket.

And by Jove that will not be me anymore (or you either if you have a local Co-Op) because my newly appointed Co-Op mere sneezing distance from my house will now be stocking various frozen delights from the Dietary Specials range. Yes, my friends I’m now one of those people who can say ‘yeah, I think I’m just going to pick up a pizza on my way home from work’… I will be a NORMAL person (well, y’know as normal as a nut like me can get). Its all very well and good cooking everything from scratch and yes sometimes I’m massively smug about it, but I want to be able to get home from a stressful shopping trip (during which I couldn’t find a)anything I wanted and b)my mate found everything she did) and pop something easy in the oven while I chill out on the sofa in my scruffs with the best of ‘em.
As well as the Margarita Pizza, the Co-Op will also be stocking my all time favourite and lunch box lovely the Sausage Rolls and also the never be beaten Yorkshire Puddings which as an honouree Yorkshire lass myself I can vouch are A-mazing!
I've said it once, and I'll say it again it ain't all about the biscuits and cupcakes, it's brilliant to see meal options locally available from Dietary Specials. Bon appetit!

Check out Dietary Specials site To find your nearest Co-Op stocking these goodies.


  1. Hi Katie, hope you're ok x

    I have been gluten free for about eight years now. I class myself as an 'undiagnosed coeliac', because my doctor and specialist insisted I couldn't possible be coeliac as I am Afro-Caribbean. Although I do know of a few Afro-Caribbean children and adults who are diagnosed as coeliac...anyway, my point is that I understand how you feel when it comes to grabbing 'safe' ready meals. I buy the cheese and tomato pizza from Sainsbury, it's not bad if you add lots of extra toppings. I have a Co-Op near me so I will definitely be having a lookout.

    By the way, I made some more of your lovely pancakes. I had to try and work out a third of the ingredients as I only had 100mls of milk, and used one small egg...they were just as tasty!!!


  2. oh thats brilliant nice that ppl are finaallly taking notice xx

  3. Good news for you Kate, glad to hear it! xxx

  4. like Barrijayne i think the pizza is ok.. but only when topped with a load of veg and other stuff. I think it tastes pretty boring without.. and for the price i think its quite pricey! so i half the pizza and use it for two meals. Ahhh, hopefully one day i wont need to stinge so much and will be able to scoff my face with a whole pizza! haha. anyway its great the coop will be stocking some items :D xx

  5. @Barrijayne i totally agree, sometimes you dont want to faff around making dinner, you just want to throw something in the oven and put our feet up!
    so glad the pancakes came out ok as well, its a really good recipe, one i cant take credit for other than swapping the flour!
    what an annoying situation for you! how do they explain your reaction to gluten then? have they given you a gastroscopy? xxx

    @Soph and kirstyb its nice that places are just making life a bit easier! :) xxx

    @lizzy, i'm the same i halve the pizza and use it for two meals, im on a bit of a limited diet at the moment, but hopefully when im a well again i can have a whole pizza! it makes life so much easier when you know whatever shop you go in there will be something there for you. all my other supermarkets are really out of the way so its going to be so much easier with the co-op stocking items now.

    thanks everyone for your comments :) xxxx


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