Sunday, 13 March 2011

"I'm ready for my close up Mr De Mille"

Alright my lovers?
I have yet again been in another Other Bowel Problem's induced blogging hiatus. With all the appointments, procedures, medications and jabs I've been feeling rather uninspired and 'A Girl's Guide..' has suffered considerably as a result. So, many apologies and air kisses for the absence.
Nothing particularly exciting has happened since the last time I posted, apart from my turning 26. Luckily I look like a cabbage patch doll and haven't aged a day since the age of 13 so turning 26 is nothing but a number to me since I get asked ID for lottery tickets and can get cheap fare on the bus thanks to my doughy cheeks and woefully ignorant bus drivers in the South. Thank-you for all the birthday messages and tweets I had a lov-er-ly day and was spoilt rotten.
The day after Valentines day I had to go to hospital for another colonoscopy (which to those not in the know, is a camera on the end of a glorified hose pipe that they put where the sun doesn't shine) so my consultant could have an up close and personal butchers at The Other Bowel Problems.
So Valentines day was spent drinking bowel prep with is a nice way of saying Super-Duper strength laxative.
Along with The Tweenies, Westlife and that scary Evian advert with the babies on roller skates, Picolax (the official name for the bowel prep I have) can be categorised under the heading of The Work of the Devil. Although admittedly it wasn't as bad this time round as it has been previously.
Typically I'm never lucky enough to have a marginally OK Picolax experience and get away with it and I knew my body would compensate me by making it nigh on impossible to get an IV in.  Two nurses tried and then sent in the big guns in the form of Gavin the gastro registrar and even he was flummoxed (poor devil). He fannied about for a while, digging around in my hands and arms like he was looking for The Lost Treasure of Atlantis, pausing every now and then to wipe his brow and sip a Red Bull. Finally he went in the underside of my wrist, which even though I'm not scared of needles or being cannulated made me want to be sick in his lap. As he was poised needle in one hand my wrist gripped in the other, it was all I could do not to leg it out of the endoscopy unit, hospital gown flapping in the wind and my bare bum exposed to all and sundry.
Thankfully after my cocktail of pethidine and an unspecified sedative (neither shaken nor stirred) I had a fairly good doze only waking up a couple of times as Dr D wove the Kodak Camera From Hell round my colon.
Moving on.
Everyone in my household forgot that it was pancake day on Tuesday and when we remembered none of us could muster up the enthusiasm to cook them, so we had our pancake day this morning. A few people have asked me what pancake recipe I use and to be honest in the past I've always used an old recipe from Good Housekeeping with a few of the ingredients tweaked for my G/F purposes. However I found a yummy sounding recipe in Delicious magazine that I wanted to try.
Now, I believe that you are either a good pancake maker or not, there's no in between. While I consider myself a good pancake maker, I'm not a very good tosser (ahem) I do admire people who have the knack of tossing pancakes but the reality is if I attempted such showmanship I'd end up with red hot oil in my face and 3rd degree burns. I know this recipe is a bit belated,but I think it's good to have a few basic recipes in your arsenal that you can use whatever the occasion.
Glutafin have invited me Gluten Free World Days in Southampton in June, I've never been to a gluten-free food/trade type show before so I'm quite looking foward to it, I'm also very excited about meeting my pal Becky from D/S at last. Is anyone else going? Let me know, I'd love to meet any and all of my blogging lovelies!
I'll leave you with a few pics from the past couple of weeks. I've decided to give up on my 365 project and just post pictures in general posts instead of under a separate link. I can never seem to find something different to take a photo of everyday and I more often then not totally forget to take my picture for that day.
Hope you all had a lovely jubbly weekend!

The Pain In The Arse IV. 2 seconds after this was taken my Dad got a gob full from a jobsworth nurse who told him off for taking a picture, 'for confidentiality reasons'..its MY hand lady!
My much hyped new electric blanket.Oh yeah.
Pretty cupcake notelets.

The big 2-6.
My pretty new bed. Thanks Grandad ;) x

Birthday cake
Pretty birthday roses from Tasha
New bedding (H&M home) and pretty Rose garland (Sass&Belle via Amazon).


  1. Oh Katie I'm so sorry I haven't realsied or been there for you, when you have been going through things just as bad as my mom. I really hope you are ok, and your birthday looked fab, I'm gad you had a nice one. Fingers crossed you get super better, as better as you can soon xxxxx

  2. Aw Gem,don't be daft sweet! I'm fine,its just the usual shizzle,nothing new or super serious. Hows your mum now? You must be so worried! It's horrible when its your parents being ill because its usually them looking after you, tell her I hope she feels better soon :) x
    I had a lovely birthday thank-you, nice and quiet but still lovely and I got very spoilt!
    I'm being refered to a special gastro hopsital in London so hopefully they will be able to sort my medication and treatment etc out and get me into remission!
    Thanks for your sweet message :) isn't it crazy that you tend to get more support from your online friends than some of your real life ones?!It never fails to suprise me how nice people can be :)
    x x x

  3. awh Katie i hope you're feeling better! My mum has to have colonoscopy's quite frequently and she absolutely hates it. I can't imagine how unpleasant them must be! :( It sounds like you had a great birthday and it looks like you got some lovely things! The GF fair sounds great, you'll have to let us know of any good things you find, it's so easy to get bored with a g.f diet! hugs xx

  4. Hi Lizzy,thank-you lovely and thanks for your lovely comment :) I bet she does,I think the worst part is the bowel prep, although I could do without the camera up the bum! I hope your mums not poorly?
    I did have a lovely jubbly birthday thank-you :) x
    I know,it sounds ace doesnt it? I've never been before but i think the general gist is different companies are there and you can see all their new bits and bobs and offerings,at least thats what i think it is!haha!
    x x x x

  5. Glad you had a lovely birthday. That cake looks so delicious!

    I hate having injections, especially in my hand. My veins are very small, so smallest needle is always required, otherwise I'm left bruised. I probably would have thrown up x

    Anyway, hope you're feeling good and get positive results. Going to check out your pancake!


  6. Thanks,I made the birthday cake with my own fair hands!
    See i'm fine with needles and injections (i have a b12 injection every 12weeks) i mean i dont love it or anything but it doesnt bother me, was just because it was on the underside of my wrist! mine are small too,do they have to use the kid sized ones on you too?!
    Thanks,I'm getting there :)
    how are you?

  7. Not sure if it's kid size, but defo small xx
    I'm good, thanks, especially since eating three fat pancakes, yum!

    Have a good week

  8. glad the pancakes turned out well :)
    thanks sweet,you too x


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