Sunday, 19 June 2011

Daddy Cool

This year has been particularly hard on our family, not least because of my Dad's heart scare last November.
Today is Fathers Day. I wrote my Dad a letter to tell him how much I love him (I didn't post it like, since I live with him!). It was 3 pages long,but I still didn't manage to say all I wanted to,but I suppose there just aren't enough words to say how much you love someone.
My Dad has been an avid fan and constant supporter of this blog and of me. His love and encouragement are unflagging and finite.
He has saved my life in more ways than one. As sure as day follows night, I love my Dad, more than anything. Being with him is as simple as breathing.
I've given him many reasons to worry, stress and be angry over the years. I've frightened him with my callousness and carelessness, thrown his concern back in his face, and scorned his worry as trivia.
When I was a teenager we would fit like cat and dog, and there was so many times I went to bed cross with him, or upset because he was cross with me. Now, as then, if we argue I'll always sneak into my parents room in the dark to whisper to him, 'I'm sorry'.
Whenever I hear the (hugely over played-we can thank Sex and the City for that) song You Got the Love by Candi Staton I think of my Dad. I know the song is actually about god and faith and turning to Him in times of trouble. But I don't have a god I believe in.I believe in my Dad and I put my faith in him.
Thank-You Daddy, I love you.


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