Monday, 13 June 2011

Welcome to Bad-Blogger-Ville. Population:1

Hello there my lovelies!
I really am the blogger of broken promises aren't I? Annoyingly I can only blame part of my absence on the shocking service provided by Google Blogger recently (no signing in for 4 days anyone?).
Although I am not as one anon suggested 'a lazy bitch', I have had a lot of difficulty getting myself motivated in the face of The Other Bowel Problems and it's attendant miseries of late. Believe me when I say, no-one gets more annoyed when I don't post than me. And I'm mean to me.
I love my blog and I love writing it, I've put a lot of the proverbial blood, sweat and tears into it's content over the past year and I really am massively grateful for the opportunities it has afforded me, the people it has bought into my life and the outlet it provides me when things are difficult and the outlook is less than rosy (more a murky brown sometimes.Yum).


Hooray and Thank-you, I reached 100 followers on Google. Gaining readers and followers has been a steady process and I'm grateful for everyone that reads, follows and comments and to those who big up this blog. Although I don't rate my blog in terms of how many people are following me it's nice to know that folks enjoy what I write and like my recipes.

Nothing terribly exciting has been happening...oh, apart from me being featured IN A MAGAZINE PUBLISHED BY THE MAJOR GLUTEN-FREE COMPANY DIETARY SPECIALS. Sorry, got a bit carried away there for a minute (be glad you missed me strutting around and getting my gargantuan head stuck in doorways and the like). For anyone that missed my star turn, here it is for you to peruse at your leisure. Muchos gracias to the ever lovely Becky and Michelle for asking me to do the reviews in the first placed, I loved every minute and thank-you for the huge parcel of goodies you sent my way, it thawed the icicles of my stone cold heart and bought a tear to my bone dry eyes. It also fed me for a week.

I got to spend a few marvelous days house sitting with Mr. Katie-Boo while my parents were away in Rome. Not sure if it constitutes house sitting when it's your own home, but we had a lovely time none the less. It was touch and go whether the 'rents would actually make it to Italy because in some vomit-inducing-Home-Alone style nightmare their alarm failed to go off. When 4am rolled round (a good hour after they were due to get up) my mother could be heard screaming 'WE SLEPT IN' at the top of her lungs. If you heard something that sounded like a banshee screaming in the early hours of last Tuesday, now you know what it was.

For now I'm going to refrain from making any promises about blog posts and upcoming recipes (mainly so I don't annoy myself more than anything) but I'm going to try my best to post as and when I can. I know that's irritatingly vague but unfortunately while The Other Bowel Problems ride shotgun, this blog and many other things in my life have to take a back seat while I try to get better both physically and emotionally. I hope you all understand and will bear with me for the time being.


  1. OHHHH KATE! Dont be silly, we still love you :-). I can't wait til the body decides to at least give you a little break! xxxx

  2. thanks so much soph. gawd, that'll be a wonderrrful day wouldn't it? :) hugs xxxx

  3. Congratulations on the 100 followers! and the magazine feature!! Super exiting! :D

    I am having the same blogger problems, actually i just posted about it on my blog too (someone suggested trying using Google Chrome as a browser as they found that helped, so I'm trying that and it looks like it may actually let me post this comment, fingers crossed!)
    Did someone really call you a lazy bitch?! OMG! what the hell is wrong with people! maybe it was a joke, I hope so.
    Don't worry about it, just take some time to relax and get better sometimes its good to take a break for a while and you definately shouldn't feel guilty about it in any way!
    Hope you feel better soon, much love

  4. hi beth!
    thankyou so much for the get well wishes and the congrats!
    oooo i might have to try using the chrome browser then,i've had so many problems over the past few weeks with it.nightmare!thankfully didnt lose any posts or comments like some people did.
    someone did indeed send me an anon email to say i was a lazy bitch for not posting on my blog for a while! some people are unbelievable. even now someones stopped following after I posted this post, but i guess thats just the way some people are going to be.i cant help being unwell,and if i could post more i would,i dont know why some people have trouble understanding that.
    thanks for your comment lovely,
    much love to you too :)

  5. Awww, be gone those anonymous people who leave horrid comments.

    I find your recipes really informative, and am glad you are resting up and recharging. :)

    The Cat Hag

  6. Well done on the feature. Wagamama is a favourite of mine. I first went there about four years ago with a year 2 class and they were so brilliant. Many of our children had various food allergies and intolerances, but this had not fazed them at all. Some restaurants should really takes notes from them.

    Goodness me! Lazy Bitch??? Is there something in the rule book which says you HAVE to blog after a set time. I want to rant but I'll just grrrrrrrrrr instead x

    Congrats on 100 lovely readers!

    Hope you feel better real soon. Health 1st, everything else after that, in whatever order.

    Take care

    Barrina xx

  7. *population: 2. I have also been a terrible blogger! congrats on the 100 followers, you deserve each and every one of them, and more!! So amazing to be featured on the site, i love Las Iguanas, and have managed to get a 20% priveledge card (because i'm a student) so it makes it alot cheaper. Also they always have discount vouchers available online, so it's worth a check before you go! Great article xxx

  8. @Barrina Thank-you! I loooove Wagamama, so yummy and such good value for money. the staff are so helpful and lovely.couldn't agree more,whetherspoons really could do with taking some major notes!
    I know, I was a tad shocked,but if someones going to be that rude then I dont really want them to follow my blog!Im not going to be dictated to by anyone who talks to me like they did!
    thanks for your lovely comment, it makes up for the meanies when i get such nice comments like the ones you leave me :)
    hugs xxxx

    @Lizzy, we'll have to start a bad blogger club!thankyou so much for your comment,your so sweet. i'd never been to las iguana's before the review,felt really silly that i hadnt gone before when i realised how yummy it was!doh! oh how i wish i was still a student! I'm definatly having a look online for the discount vouchers,you beaut!your blog is one of my fav's,your pics are lovely :)
    hugs xxx

  9. I just read this blog post now! I wanted to congratulate you on the dietary specials feature - well done and well deserved!! :) xx

  10. hi Kelly,thanks sweet, i was so happy to be asked!xx


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