Friday, 22 July 2011

The Mentalist.

The last few weeks have been a smidgen fraught although fraught makes it sound more like I was having trouble finding a dress in my size in the Topshop sales.
My poor old moggie Max was put down which was really more upsetting than I ever thought it would be. And after all the ball aches and mess around's and appointment changes RE my barium meal I finally had the ruddy thing done, but it took an age (my tum decided that was the day it would have a 'slow bowel transit'-couldn't have done that at my graduation could ya un-coperative bowel) and by the time I'd left the radiology unit day had turned into night and I felt like David in Flight of the Navigator when he wakes up in the boat in the dark and finds out he's been transported to the future.

This is probably far to much information than anyone reading this blog wants to hear, but I very recently stopped taking 'the pill' after 8 long years, due to The Other Bowel Problems rendering it quite useless, and being 'with child' is one more ball than I think I can juggle at the moment (although I don't juggle as such,just pass two balls back and forth between two hands).
For years I thought the pill was the only thing keeping my wild emotions sedate enough that I didn't kill anyone. But it turns out sans pill I am not as violently angry as I believed myself to be, belligerent yes.Pathologically violent,no.Well,maybe sometimes.

Although it turns out I'm even more tearful than I first realised. And highly strung.And emotional.
During a shopping trip to Brighton I cried in the middle of a restaurant. Steve was mortified. The waitress turned tail quick march when she spied me blubbering and the couple at the table next to us, at first thinking Steve was proposing in some restaurant with low lighting engagement scenario, quickly realised this was not that case and hide their acute embarrassment behind a bottle of Pinot Grigio. Poor Steve couldn't do the same as he'd only ordered juice and sat looking ready to bash his brains out with the pepper grinder.
My  lovely buddy Skye (go read her blog,shes the most darling person I've ever met perhaps ever) had told me about The Angel Food Bakery in Brighton so Steve and I took a stroll down The Laines trying to dodge the hoards of exchange students who had chosen that day to descend upon Brighton despite the miserable weather.
Sadly no dice at the bakery as they'd sold out but do follow the link if you fancy pre ordering your own cupcakes (the non g/f ones looked yum-tastic so I've high hopes for the g/f versions).
I don't want to cast aspersions on lovely European people, but my god some of the exchange students were rude, I was practically thrown out of the way by one very rude mare in Starbucks who very nearly ended up with my skinny caramel latte in her lap.The only thing stopping me was that I had queued since the year dot for the ruddy thing in a line longer than the equator.

Anyway folks, I'm looking for some gluten-free recipe for future Twice As Nice posts and also for my Your Recipes tab so if you have some yummy yummy in my (or your) tummy recipes knocking around the place email me at it doesnt matter if they're non gluten-free as I can convert them easy enough (depending on what it is, I'm not Jamie Oliver).

Anyway my lovers, I hope your all fine and dandy, and 'hello!' to my new Katie-Boo Babes-I'd like to tell you that my posts aren't always so nutty, but that'd be a bare faced lie. Enjoy!
I'll be back at the weekend with the first edition of Twice as Nice,which I have long promised and have only just got round to doing. See you all then!

First try at homemade gluten-free duffnuts (donuts)

My lovely old moggie Max (right)

Taking refuge in my cluttered but cosy bed-byes on poorly days.My mother constantly wonders how theres room enough for me
Yummy quinoa salad, recipe here

My gorgeous new Diana F+ that my gorgeous boyfriend bought me. Smug?Me?Yup thats right!


  1. oh my gosh, very jealous of your new Diana! Sorry you've had a rough time of it recently- hope you're okay. Those doghnuts look so bloody nice. I'm now craving doghnuts. I blame you Katie! lots of loveeee :) xxx

  2. those doughnuts look delicious! I was recently diagnosed with coeliac's and I've found your blog fantastic, especially your baking recipies :) xx

  3. The cat are absolutely gorgeous! Hope you're ok x

  4. @ Lizzy, aw thanks lizzy :) Think I'm annoying everyone but talking about my Diana (calling her Dee-Dee!) but I just love her so much!
    didnt tescos used to do g/f donuts? I'm going to tinker around with the recipe a bit more before i post it,they were quote stodgy if I'm honest! hugs xxx

    @Daisy thanks sweet, let me know if you want any recipes or any help or advice,I'm no expert by any means but I'm always happy to help :) sorry to hear you've been diagnosed with coeliacs,it aint fun is it? thanks for you sweet comment xx

    @temp sec haha,yeah he was such a cutie and sooo huge as well!he was diabetic so we got him a little tag for his collar that said I'm diabetic and my friend thought thats what he was called!haha!Still got another 2 cats to keep me entertained!Hows your lovely bundle of fluff?he's too damn cutttte! x

  5. Hahahaha, this post made me laugh. Honestly, I swear Crohns sufferers should be comedians. So many anecdotes. Absolutely loved this! Hope you're well x

  6. @Bee, thanks Doll :) you are so right, you and i should run a comedy club!gawd,i have soooo many crohns anecdotes! loved your holiday pics,so jealous, and i lurrrrve your new hair,sexy mofo!hope your feeling ok sweets xxx

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