Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Channel 4 Food

If you follow me on twitter you will have probably seen me babbling on repeatedly about this over the weekend so I shan't hold it against you while you tune out the next few sentences!

So, very recently I was contacted by Channel 4 Food and asked if I would like to be featured on their blog about  gluten-free and allergy friendly food blogs and websites. Obviously I said yes (as if I'd say no!) and the feature went live last Friday, all very exciting non?

I use Channel 4 Food's website a lot so it was beyond exciting to be asked, but to be called witty (By CHANNEL 4 no less) almost made my head rotate at great speed a la Beetlejuice. It was also totally eye popping to be dubbed one of the best gluten-free blogs, as hard as I work and as many hours I put in on my blog, I never believed for a ruddy second that I was on a par with some of the other amazing gluten-free blogs out there so it was all very humbling.
Yet again I'm feeling so very grateful for the opportunities my blog has afforded me, especially after a slow couple of months recently where  the frequency of my posts have been concerned.
I just want to take a moment just to thank Becky and everyone at Dietary Specials for their support over the past year. They really are an awesome bunch and a great company, I'm not sure my blog would have got off the ground if it wasn't for them championing me from the start.
If you'd like to have a nosey at the Channel 4 feature click here there's 9 other brilliant blogs featured which all deserve a follow so go and peruse at your leisure.

On to even more shameless self promotion...

The Cosmo Blog Awards 2011 are coming up and it would be super duper ace if you could vote for me on their site under the category Health, Diet and Fitness.If I win (not very likely but still) I shall keep you all in cupcakes for a year, or failing that I'll dish out some hugs. Bet you can't resist now, eh?

Thanks for all the positive feedback from the Speedy Sides Feature, if you have any speedy side recipes you think would be suitable to be featured email me and let me know I'm always on the look-see for recipes, and don't be shy, I'm like a dopey Labrador and not in the least bit vicious. Have a fab week, it's almost hump day! (as in the middle of the week, not the other...).


  1. Congrats and good luck with the award, off to vote now!

  2. @ baking-teacher thanks so much, thats so kind! :)

  3. WOW!! That's pretty damn exiting!! Seriously, congratulations!! that is such great news!
    I will also vote for you in the cosmo blog awards :) xx

  4. As always - well done and well deserved!! x

  5. Congrats on the feature and Good luck with the Blog award.
    Your blog is awesome and you deserve all good things. Will check the feature then nominate.

    Barri xx

  6. @Beth thanks so much lovely,your such a sweetheart.I had to keep it a secret for a while which was a nightmare, I can't sit on secrets for long!thanks for your vote :) x

    @sophie thanks gorge xx

    @Kel, aw thanks, very kind of you, I lurve your blog :) x

    @Barrina thanks for the congrats,your comments are always so sweet and kind :) thanks for the vote :) xx

  7. congrats Katie! your blog is absolutely super :) xx

  8. @Daisy, thank-you sweets,what a lovely thing to say :) x

  9. So proud of your feature! I spend most my life on C4 Food so I think it's amazing. I've voted for you in the blog awards :D

  10. aw faaanks Bee :) :) me too, I'm always on there so it was mega super duper exciting to be asked, i was close to vomming! aw and thank-you for voting for me, are you entering? x

  11. You must have been over the moon to hear from them and to get that recognition for your blog - all very well deserved! Well done you.

  12. @Rosie aw thank-you treacle! It was so exciting, I must admit I did have a few tears because it was all a bit overwhelming! Did you have a good birthday? I tweeted you many happy returns,but I think it got sucked into the ether of twitter!!
    Thanks again sweet :) :) x

  13. Congratulations - you deserve the mention!

  14. Just want to say that I read your reviews on the restaurants in the ds magazine! I was so chuffed to know who they were talking about! Really good reviews, thank you.


  15. Hi Isobel, so glad you enjoyed them, I hope they were helpful! Thanks for your sweet comment :) xx

  16. @Sakurnanko and @rachel thank you so much :) x


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