Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cosmo Girl

Here I am bundled under my Slanket, rough as old toast, looking thoroughly white and spiteful...but I care not a jot...because I've been shortlisted for the Cosmo Blog Awards!!!!
You'll probably already know if you follow me on Twitter or live within screaming distance of my house, but I actually had no idea until Skye rang me late last night. When she said 'You need to go online now' I thought my readers had staged some sort of mutiny against me or something, I had no idea what was going on!

I was beyond surprised to have made the shortlist, I know everyone says that, but lets be honest my blog is small and very niche and I never expected to get very far, especially when I compare my blog to others in my category, including the lovely girls at Where Are My Knees? 
Its great to be in the company of so many blogs I love, read and admire, so good luck to everyone who made the shortlist across the categories.

I know my posts have been few and far between recently but I 100% love my blog and I put my all into it, and all the lovely comments, tweets and emails I receive from you gorgeous lot keep me feeling inspired and encourage me to carry on writing and thinking of new posts and recipes.

I'm flying the flag for Gluten-Free (and baking) so if you'd like to see me win in my category; Health, Diet and Fitness click on the link below, it would make me one very happy girl if you could vote for me!


  1. You clever girl!!!! I didn't even know this existed! I hope you are better in time to mke it up there! xxx

  2. @ Soph, I think its only the 2nd year they're doing it. me too, I'm dosing myself up as we speak!

    @Kia Aw thank-you so much, thanks for voting for me, means a lot :) xx

  3. you totally deserve it Katie! your blog is one of my faves. Hope you're feeling a little better now lovely. big hugs your way xxxx

  4. Congratulations Katie-Boo!!!

    I voted yesterday evening. Very pleased for you.

    My daughter has been shortlisted too (jazzabellesdiary established fashion, little plug, ha ha!), so has she was skipping through the categories your name popped up and I got all excited for you:-)

    Good Luck! You have a lovely blog!

    Barri xx

  5. @Lizzy, aw thankyou so much thats so so sweet, your blog is one of my fav's too :) I'm getting there, just cream crackered at the moment, but thank-you and thanks for the hugs, always love a good hug! :) xxxx

    @Barri Thank-you so much for the congrats and for voting, and thank-you for supporting my blog for so long, i love reading your comments it makes my day! I saw she had been shortlisted (I voted for her, shhhhh!) so pleased for her, pass on my congrats won't you?
    And thank-you again, your comments are always so kind and sweet :) I'm the only g/f blog in my category, but I think I'll be needing all the luck I can get! x

  6. Hi Katie-Boo, not sure if you're on Twitter, but if not just letting you know that the awards will take place in London on Wednesday 26th October. Jazz only found out because someone retweeted it to her...
    Hope you're okay

    Barri xx

  7. Hi Barri!
    thankyou so much for letting me know, I hadn't heard anything and from the sounds of it not many other people did either!
    hope your well lovely :) xx


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