Saturday, 29 October 2011

Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus

Since I’m 26, and no longer in a position where trick or treating and dressing up in an Disney Princess Costume won’t look weird/creepy (no matter how short and childlike I appear) I have to satisfy my inner child and love of this time of year with Hocus Pocus marathons and marvelling at various blogger skills with a knife when it comes to pumpkin carving (Looking at you Beth!).
Although as I’ve said before these are about the only few things I love about Halloween. As I’m officially A Grumpy Old Cow now I usually kick off Hallow’s eve by unplugging the doorbell to deter children from begging for Cadbury's Giant Buttons and Haribo at my house. But I have to admit I do miss dressing up and knocking back a skin-full and then attempting to gain entry to a club which is filled to the rafters with girls dressed as slutty versions of every possible variation of animal. Many a year I enjoyed drunkenly trying to apply cat whiskers to my own face with liquid eyeliner which I’d be trying to hastily rub off the next day on the way to a lecture.
Anyway, I thought I'd make the effort to get into the Halloween swing of things with a I want/I love  list of goodies for you to have a butchers at. 

From left-right: Skull and cross bones ice cube tray, Bat cookie cutter, Plastic candelabra, Spiderweb placement, Halloween bunting, skull plug stopper, Spiderweb cake stand, Misted tumbler, Candle.

From Left-Right: Gluten-free carrot&ginger cake, Pumpkin party bags, Squash soup, Beth's awesome pumpkin carving, Pumpkin soup, Hummingbird Halloween cupcakes, Bodum whisker, Halloween pegs, Paper lanterns.


  1. I planned to try the hummingbird pumpkin cupcakes, but yesterday became a bit of a write off for me, perhaps later in the week when I have time!
    I hate the way that halloween has become so americanised... brighton last night was just crazy with people dressed in some weird (but more wacky) get ups!
    Lovely images tho! Belle du Brighton

  2. I can't cook so reading others halloween in the kitchen is a way to see pumpkin cupcakes etc :-)
    great post
    keep up the great work you are doing here
    i'm pretty impressed
    Come and say Hi
    The Dolls Factory

  3. @belle du brighton I know I don't like that Halloweens got like that either, its not very british is it..I much prefered it when we all slammed the door in the face of any kid begging for sweets!! haha!
    Have you made the Hummingbird cakes yet, any luck?
    ha, i think halloween is a chance for the more ker-ray-zee brightonians to get thier wacky togs on!
    Thanks for your comment sweet x :)

    @The Dolls Factory haha, Unfortantly those pictures weren't of my own cooking-if only! I can only take credit for the other recipe posts! but thank-you for you lovely comment :) x

  4. Thank you for loving my Halloween pegs, I'll pop a pack in the post to you free if you give me a mention Mollycupcakes x


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