Friday, 18 June 2010

I heart Doves Farm

For those who haven't tried or heard of Doves Farm flours should check out the website. Most of the flours and also Xantham gum are available from most supermarkets and are for want of a better word...brilliant!
The range includes bread flours, plain and self raising flours and also rice and gram flours as well as other fab products such as biccies.
I find the flours the best on the market and they are so versatile. A lady in the supermarket last week saw me putting the Doves Farm Plain Flour into my trolley and asked me if I make pastry with it and how I do it and manage to make it un-cardboard like! So the first recipe I'll post for the weekend includes my recipe for Treacle Tart with my tried and tested easy peasy recipe for pastry!

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