Thursday, 17 June 2010

Welcome to the Wonderful World of A Girls Guide to Gluten free Baking!

Whether your a newly diagnosed coeliac and gluten-free newbie, or a veteran of the GF lifestyle I hope this blog can help you with new ideas for cooking and baking and all round eating!
I know what its like to be newly diagnosed and thinking it was the end of cupcakes and all sorts of baking yumminess, but as time passed I taught myself to make myself what I could'nt get hold of in the supermarkets or online.
I was very lucky, my cousin Tasha was diagnosed with Coeliacs in 2005 just a few months before I was, so most of the recipes and ideas I've accumulated since then have been bounced of her, and between the two of us have been practiced to death. There have been cock-ups and too many dry runs of muffins to count and its a learning curve everytime I attempt to convert recipes to gluten free.
In the beginning I tried to get my hands on as many gluten free recipe books as I could (Phil are my hero) but as I taught myself (belatedly at 23 I might add) to cook and as I read these books I picked up ways and means to make all the tasty things I had eaten and loved when I still ate gluten. Safe, yummy AND equal to their gluten-filled counterparts.
I've posted some helpful links for websites such as Coeliac UK and several suppliers of gluten-free biccies and breads etc such as Glutafin and Tru Free. Also for all the Gluten Free 'Nubes' visiting the blog I've also posted a quick guide to foods which are 'safe' for Coeliacs and a few which most definatly aren't just to get you started.
I must stress I am not a doctor or nutritionist, this blog is simply a culmination of heaps of recipes and ideas that I have had floating around for the past 5/6 years since I was diagnosed. If you need any advice on medical issues concerning nutrition or coeliacs your GP should be more than happy to help you, and as I mentioned above, Coeliac UK are particularly helpful with regards to comprehensive food lists, typical coeliac symptoms and other related questions and support.
Please feel free to send me your own recipes, and if you try mine I'd love to hear any critique you have of them (be gentle!).

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