Monday, 3 January 2011

Oi, You there, Blog features!

Well, hello there! Don't look at me like that, I've been busy!

Happy 2011!

You may have noticed that 'A Girls Guide...'  has a bit of a re-jig. I'm not planning on keeping it, it's just hanging around until I can get my blog header scanned and I can sort out the layout etc and get my head round this HTML lark yet again.
I actually feel a wee bit sick that I haven't posted a recipe for so long, but I have one today so I can sleep easy tonight! I'm still going to keep all the lard laden recipes this year, but I'm going to work some healthier recipes into the mix. My dads been on at me to find him some heart healthy recipes, which means low fat and low salt, so expect more nutritious recipes this year, and I could do with losing a few pounds before my bum gets it's own postcode.
I really want to move onwards and upwards with this blog, I need to get some sort of proper organisational system down so readers can access the recipes etc better. Also I want to integrate my 30 Before 30 into the blog (more on that another day). Does anyone know any good sites or books which are helpful for blogging?
New years eve, ended predictably with me in bed by ten, although I was up again at midnight cleaning my teeth because I'd forgotten. Not that I'd have been able to sleep with the NASA rockets going off in our next door neighbours garden. Good grief.
This year I'm really going to work at taking better pictures, the light in my house is a bit iffy (any old excuse!) and I'm not entirely sure how to use all the settings on my camera but but, I'm going to strive for better pics!
OK, so the main aim of this post was to go through some blog features that I've been mulling over for a while, there's a few I'm still umming and ahhing over, which I'd really like your opinions on. Don't be shy, if you hate the idea of some of them say, because although this is a personal blog I want to feature posts that I know my readers will like.  I've started off doing A Week in Pictures which I'm carrying on for the new year, but here are my other new features for the new year.

Super-Saver Recipe
  • I did start off doing this and promptly forgot that I'd started. Sometimes eating Gluten-Free can be a tad pricey so I'm going to aim to do a few of these posts a month to save everyone some pennies!
Gluten-Free Heroes
  • Shops, bakeries, restaurants or people that are shouting loud about gluten-free food. 
'Ingredient' 2 Way's
  • A different ingredient every month cooked 2 different ways, which I think will give me and everyone else a chance to try different recipes, I'll probably post the ingredient in advance so if you have any recipes or ideas you can comment or email me.
Blogger of the Month
  • A different blog and it's author, once a month. Established, niche or a brand spanking new blog, my favourite will get featured with the low down on what their blogs about and who they are. If you know a great blog or you want me to feature your blog let me know.
I'm also going to feature more reviews of products and restaurants, and a FAQ page so if there's anything you want to ask me the answer will be featured on that page. I also want to do a post called Wonderful You which will feature one of my lovely readers and their recipe of choice, although obviously if no-one submits any recipes this will be ever so slightly redundant so we'll see how it goes!

Katie-Boo k


  1. Hey Happy New Year!
    I was trying to watch a film at midnight and the fireworks were doin my head in! Haha I'm such a grinch! ;)
    I look forward to reading your blog in 2011! :)

  2. Happy New Year m'dear! Aw glad to know I'm not the only grump on the block! aw, thank-you,thats so sweet. i love your blog! x

  3. Aw, thank-you! :) Happy New Year Mrs :) xx

  4. looking forward to following along in 2011!! cute blog :)


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