Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Usual Suspects

2011 hasn't got off to the well intentioned and organised start I had so planned, and The Other Bowel Problems (what else?) threw a well aimed punch which landed me in hospital last week. Stranded as I was without wifi I was unable to post/tweet/email. It was pure torture. Despite all the protests I made against twitter in the beginning I am well and truly converted and I rather missed it during my time incarcerated.
I'm back now, and although recipe posts might be on hold for a few week until I get my appetite back again, I have some other posts up my sleeve for you (which I hope you'll love). I'm terribly sorry for all the delay and hoo haa, I feel very bad and guilty, like I do when I forget I've left the dog outside in the garden in the rain. Anyway. From this point on expect normal posting to resume.
Also a lovely hello and thank-you to my new readers who have followed in my absence, don't worry my posts aren't usually this short, sparse and desolate!
See you all in the week!

Katie-Boo k


  1. Sorry to hear you have been so poorly. Don't feel guilty, just get better!

  2. :( awh no. I hope you're feeling better soon! x

  3. aw, thank-you girls! :) I'm getting there slowly but surely, a LOT of box sets are being watched! xxx

  4. Ohhhhh Kate you sillly thing apologising and feeling the guilt!


  5. what can i say soph, im a people pleaser! x

  6. Apologies not required. Hope you are feeling much better x

  7. 2011 really didn't start out so well :S
    today I just burnt myself while cooking (don't know if I should laugh or cry)
    I hope you're feeling better now!
    Love, Ann

  8. @Barrijayne thanks my love!I'm getting there!

    @Ann ouch!How did you burn yourself! Thankyou,im feeling a touch better then i was!

    Kate x

  9. oh God really hope you are ok!! xxxx

  10. @gem, yeah i'm fine, getting better now. how are you sweet? sounds like you had a rough old time of it as well? x


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