Thursday, 10 February 2011

And for my next trick..

After you've got over the intial shock of me posting twice in the same week, I hope your sitting down for a third helping, you lucky devils!
After being on very intimate terms with the toliet for the past few weeks-and believe you me, no one will ever know the grouting round the tiles and the rattle of the cistern quite like I do- I'm finally starting to feel a smidge better, perhaps not fighting fit but no longer in a morphine induced haze or revisting every meal I eat.
Illness aside, January hasn't been too bad a month. I ordered a new wardrobe and bedside cabinet which (with a wee bit of help from my dad) I managed to construct hitch free, you will know by now is quite the achievement for me since A. I'm beyond clumsy and B. I have the attention span of a malteaser.
You've also probably noticed that the blog has had a reshuffle. I downloaded a photoshop type program which I used to do my blog header, it's probably wildly amateurish but I'm quite proud of it, and also my new computer skills (thank-you to Matt for your advice and help!). What do you all think? I'm loving some of the girls new headers and layouts; Beth's labels are very cute, Gem's new layout and header are fab, and I love all the little touches Emma's added to her blog.
I've been slacking a bit in my 365 project, but I've taken loads of pictures (although none from my hopsital stay-not overly keen on documentation of me looking rough being broadcast on here!) I just need to upload them all. Is anyone else doing their own 365 project?
I hope that people found my review helpful, I got some great feedback. I try to cover all bases when I do the reviews but if there's anything I'm missing or something in particular that I havent included leave me a comment, similarly if there's a product you want to see reviewed let me know. Coming soon in reviews is Marks and Spencers and Starbucks new sandwiches, and also my first edition of Gluten-Free Heroes which I'm really excited about.
Anyway I shall leave you with a few pics from the past month and a few bits and bobs I got for Chrimbo-better late than never eh?
See you all soon my Katie-Boo Babes!

The lovely pile of pressies I got from The Gorgeous Becky
Owl handwarmer from The 'rents
Super sweet suprise parcel I recieved from soph (cider with sophie) as a get well soon.
 Vivienne Westwood necklace from The Boyf (do excuse my puffy and bruised hand-they had to poke around to the get an IV in
Cute or what? Only £4!
After bawling down the phone to my mum from my hospital bed she bought me in this fella
My new wardrobe,minus the doors
My very own cake stand from The 'rents.


  1. AHHHHH the LOVE sign is gorgeous! where's it frommmm?! I also love the cake stand, please dont tell me you made those macaroons?! They look yum!


  2. Love your new look it is lovely!! So glad you are feeling better! xxx

  3. @ Gem, aw thanks lovely, love yours too! so am i! how you feeling now?
    @soph, you'll never guess...its from QS in rusty! and the cake stand is from Avon! and yes soph, i did indeed make those macaroons with my own fair hands! x

  4. Those cakes looks gorgeous! Lovely blog, glad I found it.

  5. lovely your wardrobe and the cake stand!


  6. @Ashleigh aw thankyou thats so sweet, just had a nosey on your blog and added myself as a follower ;)

    @Becca thanks!The doors weren't on the wardrobe at that point,i think i prefer it without the doors actually!



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