Thursday, 10 February 2011


The commercial enterprise that is Valentines Day is just round the corner. Unfortunately I have a colonoscopy the day after on the 15th so I shall be spending the most romantic day of the year chugging 'bowel prep'. Sexy.
Anyway, that hasn't dampened my spirits and I've been surfing the Internet for a few sweet nothings that you might like to bestow upon the guy or gal in your life. Or if your on the singles train go ahead and treat yourself, because who cares if you don't have a 'Date Du Jour' when you have a frying pan that makes heart shaped fried eggs?

Card from Marks and Spencer's
Card from Marks and Spencer's

Heart Necklace from Sunday Girl

Sign from

Ladle from

Heart shaped egg pan from

Red Velvet cake from the Hummingbird Bakery's 'Made Without Range'

Card from Paperchase
J'taime t-shirt from Wildfox


  1. Cute cute cute Kate! Love the new layout too! xxxxx

  2. aw, ta soph! took me forever, what do you think of the header? only took me 5hours to do! x

  3. LOVE IT! That's five hours distraction from feeling unwell well spent!!!! I wouldnt even know how to do it! xxx

  4. aw, thanks poppet! i downloaded this program similar to photoshop and used that to do that header, you can find loads of easy tutorials and things online which i never even knew existed.what a dork. 5 hours well spent indeed! x


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