Sunday, 20 February 2011

What's in my baking tin?

We are all nosey. Fact. Given half the chance many of us would love to have a good fish around in a friends handbag while she pops the loo. That's why I love the various 'Whats in my handbag/purse' sort of posts on the fashion and lifestyle blogs.
So. Since this is a baking/food blog (supposedly) I thought I'd do a variation on a theme, because I doubt very much you'd want to see the contents on my handbag (my front door key and various hairbands and receipts) especially if you come here hoping for baking and gluten-free content! Instead...(the tension is palpable!)...I'm going to do a 'Whats in my baking tin?' post. Exciting, no?
I'm not sure if it's going to be anymore interesting than the hairband/receipt/key contents of my bag, but I often get asked what type of cake cases etc I use so I thought this might answer a few questions and give you all a break from my usual word heavy posts. The contents of my tin is a bit sparse at the moment, I need to stock up on a few things like colourings and cases and I've got my eye on some vanilla paste that Jamie is always waving around on 30-Minute-Meals.
My No.1 untapped resource is Holland and Barrett's, you can pick up whole nutmeg and cinnamon sticks for really reasonable prices, and vanilla pods (which the supermarkets charge mega bucks for) is so cheap it might as well be free! Sainsbury's also do great vanilla extract and other flavours like orange and rose water for under a £1 in their Taste the Difference Range, and they've got a good choice of sprinkles and sparkly bits to pop on your cakes.
I would highly recommend silicone cases, even though it seems expensive (mine were 6quid for 12) it works out cheaper in the long run because they can be washed and reused. My next purchase will be a few big silicone cases for doing things like birthday cakes and bread.


  1. I love this!! hahaha I just bought some heart shaped pastry cutters, I need to get lots of other bits too. I want to be a baker!! xxxxx

  2. aw,thankyou! I went a bit mad on foto flexer! Sainsburys are great for baking bits and bobs and dotcomgifts although the postage is a bit mental unless your buying lots of things. we should start a baking circle,like your book club! one week one person submits a recipe and then we can all cook it! xxx

  3. I love your cake tin, I want it!!!

  4. present from my Mama, I saw them online somewhere,I'll have a look-see and find the website.x

  5. If you do find it please leave a link on my page
    x big thanks x

  6. Thank you for the link, I'll definitely treat myself x

  7. your welcome! You can squeeze loads into it, and if your taking cupcakes into work/to your friends it looks dead pretty taking them in that tin! x

  8. I adore your blog, I'm following!

    would love you to enter my giveaway:


  9. @Milly, thats so sweet,thank-you :) xxx

  10. This post is so good. Never seen one like this before.

    I love baking. My stuff is just shoved in a drawer with the knives and crap.

    Must buy myself a baking tin!!! oh and an apron for that matter, sick of getting flour on my dresses.


  11. Aw thanks georgia thats so lovely of you to say :)
    I just started following you on twitter,I totally agree with what you were saying about SBFU, they are just so bloody rude,I have no idea why someone would be so inclined to set up a blog that gobs off about other blogs.nuts!
    My stuff was all shoved in a cupboard but everyone got really cheesed off with me so Mum bought me a big tin to put everything in!
    dotcomgiftshop do loads of cute baking tins and i think they have aprons. i dont even know why i wear my apron,i still get flour all over myself, especially on my face,how does it happen?!
    thanks for following :)


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