Monday, 11 April 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award

My gorgeous and lovely pal Sophie from Cider with Sophie tagged me in this award.She's such a sweetheart and is so creative and clever so go check out her blog!)


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Who I am tagging:

                            Now, ten things about me:
  1. Despite my fear of the dark I wear an eye mask to bed.


 2. I like my orange juice warmed in the microwave for 30seconds. I don't even know why.


3. I'm a terrible coward, my list of fears is endless...heights, deep water, kids, spiders and eyeballs...happily not needles.

4. For the past 2 weeks I've been sucking a dummy at night because I read online it could help me stop clenching my jaw at night. Sexy.

5.My favourite book when I was a kid was Sophie's Snail by Dick King Smith

6.My favourite book now is a toss up between The Secret History by Donna Tartt and Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks.

7.I used to work at Gap, it was the best job I've ever had, namely because we got to wear radio head sets and could do Britney dance routines in the fitting rooms

8.I once tricked my mum into putting mustard on her sunburn when we were on holiday in Majorca. I broke the news that I made it up 3 days later.

9. I'm unashamedly obsessed with all things Disney, my favourite holiday is Florida and Disney World, I'm currently working on The Boyf to get married at The Disney Wedding Pavilion. He said he's rather blow his brains out.

10. I have a talent for accents. My speciality is Australian.


    1. Bless you! You are too kind. Love the facts! Im scared of the dark too! xxxx

    2. haha, I'm glad im not the only one!xxx

    3. THANKKKSSSSSS lover :D
      the orange juice one made me go "what??!!"
      and funny stuff with the dummy! baby kate.


    4. welcome mon cherie!
      i know the oj thing is gross, i dont even know why i started doing it or why i still persist.
      the dummy has really helped! but between that and my teddy aptly named Tedder i'm started to regress back to childhood. i feel like maggie off the simpsons!

    5. those balloons are so cool! i really tried to make the boy get me one of those but he refused )= poop

    6. aw no, thats not fair! I couldn't work out how they got the smaller balloon in the bigger one! x


    ♥Thank-you for your comment!♥