Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Team Cupcake

So. The new kid on the block is the Macaron. This year will be the year the Macaron will trounce the Cupcake and blow the Whoopie out of the water.
They are defiantly what I'd call the 'posh gals cupcake'. While they're pretty and all that jazz I'm not entirely sure (OK, pretty much certain) that they will ever replace Cupcakes in my affections, plus having made them myself I can honestly say that in terms of taste they ain't got nothing on the humble Cupcake.
To me the Cupcake is like Jennifer Aniston..reliable, lovely and likeable..the girl next door of baked goods. Then theres the Macaron. The Macaron is like Angelina overated puff of air.
In the case of the Cupcake Vs Macaron, I would argue that not only is the cupcake an easy bake but its always a crowd pleaser, and while a Macaron looks pretty on a plate it's nothing short of a ball ache to make (oooo that rhymes!).
I know, I know, the cupcake is more overexposed that Katie Prices love life (almost) but theres something so simple, so yummy and so comforting about the beloved cupcake (I just a searched for team cupcake t-shirts and found if I'd actually wear one..I so would).
Obviously I would in no way want to influence your opinion in this matter one way or another (cupcake, cupcake, cupcake, cupcake, cupcake) so today's recipe is for macarons. Exciting,no?
So you can all decide for yourselves which is better. While your doing that I'll just be over here...stuffing my face with cupcakes...


  1. Haha! This is a great post!
    My sister and I completely agree with this! (we had this convo the other day, as these are the kind of world events we trouble ourselves with! hehe) Macaroons are very pretty, but taste wise-Meh!
    Cupcakes win for me handsdown everytime! :)

  2. hahaha!Beth thats music to my ears!
    they are sooo boring! AND theres all these weird ways to spell it, according to the book i have when its plural its macarons and then macaroon normally!I just dont understand!so anyone without this knowledge is going to think I've mispelled it! another Fail for the macaroon!
    so,shall i put in an order for a team cupcake tee for you and your sis...? haha! :) xxx

  3. Team cupcake here too. I do like the taste of Macarons (my spell checker wants to correct to macaroons ;-) but they are a faff to make! Cupcakes much more fun and tasty all round.

  4. knew i could rely on you sarah ;) they are a total faff, i'd lost the will by the end of it all! x


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