Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Sass & Belle

It's no secret that I'm a bit of a slut where dotcomgiftshop is concerned, but recently my gal pal Sophie introduced me to the oh-so-cute Sass&Belle...and a new obsession has been born (god help Mr Bank Manager).
Don't believe me? Check out this too-cute-for-words bits and bobs yourself. They're perfect little pressies for Easter (or for you, just because your awesome).

'Mama's cooking up a cheery piiiee!' pretty pinny

For those 'I.Just.Can't.Be.Arsed.You.Do.It' days

great for pegging recipes or notes up on your noticeboard!
 For keeping your cookbooks in order.
Are you sensing a theme here?

Mushroom madness...salt and pepper shakers.

Not very baking related I know,but adorable none the less.

Hang up your utensils (y'know..your spatulas and what not)

Magnetic noticeboard, pop up your recipes,memos or family pics.

Who doesn't love a bit of bunting?

Gluten-free toast only!


  1. I have the owl :)) I really need those cupcake book ends for my cookbooks, my treat myself xxx

  2. hi, just popped over to get your recipe for millionaire shortbread, which I will attempt this weekend.
    I love the cupcake bookends. I have a similar(ish) cupcake peg.

  3. OHHHH KATE! I had deleted that website from my bookmarks to avoid any temptation! All the things you've picked are my kinda loving! Damn you miss! Damn you! xxxx

  4. @Gem, I love that owl, i saw it in bhs (who strangly do a few sass and belle bits) but sadly it wasnt any cheaper :( its sooo cute! very jeal! the bookends are too cute aren't they,defo treat yourself ;) x

    @barrijayne, your such a sweetheart!good luck with the shortbread, send me some pics! oooo,where did you get your peg from?

    @soph, muchos apologies dearest, I hadn't realised :D it is very tempting indeed, I've already bought the LOVE necklace hook and rose garland. damn me indeed! xxx

  5. Thankyou for your comment! It was so useful!
    I was wondering if you have twitter or anything, i'm keen to know more about your experiences and have a chat!

  6. hi Lauren,
    your very welcome sweet, I just added you on twitter (i'm @katieboobaker!). ask away! xxx

  7. Oh man, don't! I shouldn't have ever read this post, haha... I definitely cannot afford to risk checking out that site. x

  8. omg these are amazing! those cupcakes look so yummy haha :P

    hope you'll visit/follow

  9. I think i might just have to buy one of each!!! Love this post! Awesome items x

  10. I simply love cute kitchen accessories, haha so I immediately zoomed off to the sites you recommended. ♥♥

    The Cat Hag

  11. bonito blog!!



  12. thanks girls! everythings sooo cute isn't it? Im going to end up very poor! x


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