Saturday, 11 December 2010

Floating on a sea of cinnamon.

Before I get started on a tangent I just wanted to say a quick hello to my new readers/followers! Welcome to 'A Girls Guide...' You'll find my readers/followers are the most gorgeous in the whole blogasphere, so good choice! :)
I got another lovely letter from the doctors yesterday asking me to come in to talk to my GP about my blood test results, surely she can't tell from my blood tests that I've been eating snicker doodles day and night for a week can she?
As well as burning a hole, the presents stacked to the rafters in my wardrobe are starting to grate on my nerves, the ruddy things fall out every time I open the door to get a jumper/coat/boots/scarf out, and I've actually hit full capacity on the rail, so NO MORE clothes can fit in my wardrobe, I don't quite know where my clothes are going to go from now on but the situations quite desperate.
I've got a nice christmassy A Week In Pictures post for you this week, and I'm quite proud of some of the pictures I've taken, I'm taking more time to set up the shots and get the lighting right, rather than a snap and run job which is quite usual for me.
Today we're finally putting the Xmas decorations up, so my vintage-style Sainsbury's are going to get their debut at last, I love putting up our tree, all the decorations smell so nice, and theres' a lovely spicy cinnamon smell on everything.  I finally put two and two together and realised why I love cinnamon so much...when I was an ankle biter I had croup (which is an infection in your upper airway which gives you a 'barking' cough ) anyway my mum would douse my pillows and bedding with Karvol (Rugrat friendly decongestant drops) and it wasn't until the other day that I realised one of the ingredients is cinnamon! Even now at the ripe old age of 25 I find nothing more comforting than a few drops of Karvol on my pillow.
I'm officially on pudding duty at Christmas, and although last year my blueberry cheesecake went down a treat, my white chocolate cranberry roulade crashed and burned, and I literally sulked for days. I'm going to be a bit more savvy in my planning and I'm defiantly not going to believe any Jamie recipe which tries to convince me that its easy (you lied Jamie, the roulade was akin to the Mensa exam).
For Xmas day it's just me and The 'Rents so I'm doing an eggnog cream mousse type thing which I can make in advance on Christmas eve. On boxing day my grandad and his lovely partner Sylvia are over, so I've got to find some sort of epic pudding, especially as they were present for the roulade debacle last year, I have to redeem myself with the mother of all puds!
Anyway, before I immerse myself in Christmas decorations and I'm up to my eyeballs in tinsel, I'll post the marshmallow recipe. As I said before its surprisingly easy and fairly quick (apart from the 1-2 hour setting) and once done can be used for all sorts of things, I'm also posting a list of ideas that you might like to use your marshmallows for once done.
See you all tomorrow for the Mince Pie post and A Week in Pictures.

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