Sunday, 12 December 2010

A Week in Pictures

♥ End result of The Jam Saga, easily the most irritated I've been in my life. Maybe.
♥ The Boyf's presents ready and waiting to be posted.
♥ Christmas candles.
♥ Lunch at Ha Ha Bar Brighton.
♥ Tags for my homemade presents.
♥ Miniature Christmas tree which was once my Mum's.
♥ Sainsburys' Vintage-style baubles.
♥ Life Class, Pat Barker. Possibly one of my favourite authors ever.
♥ Tree decoration which came on a present last year from my mum and dad, pretty on my mirror dontcha think?
♥ My pink fairy from The Boyf, Xmas 2005.

Katie-Boo k

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