Saturday, 4 December 2010

A Week of Pictures

OK, so this is the first post of one of the new features I've been umming and ahhing over. No, it's not very original, and yes there are hundreds of blogs that also have this weekly feature, but it's a feature which I love and satisfies my inner nosey neighbour/stalker, and since I take so many pictures during the course of the week (most of which is, admittedly, chafe...the cats doing funny things, the snow, food, the cats doing funny things..) so it seemed a good idea.
I promise all my other weekly feature ideas are much more baking orientated, and after the post goes up explaining what those new features are you'll have a chance to vote for another feature you'd like to see, or I might even run a comp to see if someone could come up with a great feature...I'm just a pawn in your game! I haven't ironed out the kinks yet. Anyway, please enjoy my new feature 'A Week  of Pictures'. Stayed tuned this weekend for snowy day cupcakes (I know i said I wouldn't be doing any more for a while, but I lied).

♥Me and my second in command, Poptart No.2 Tasha.
♥Uber pretty baubles from Sainsburys'.
♥Sainsburys Free From Mince Pies (at last!).
♥Bargin-licious £1.50 headband from Primark, the only thing standing in the way of my ears and frostbite.
♥Possibly my favourite post ever 'Dreaming of a pink Christmas'.
♥Supplies for the handmade pressies.
♥Olivia the owl.
♥Mac order...come to Mama.
♥Pretty roses from my mummy.
♥My awesome advent calender...and it really is awesome!
♥Starbucks candy cane mug. Just need a S-Bucks barrister to come to my house everyday and make me eggnog latte.


  1. I love Olivia! Well done Kate!! xxx

  2. Haha, It was the only name I could think of beginning with O! Ta soph x

  3. Cute pictures! And nice idea, I don't think it matters if other people do it, it's nice to see a week in photos! :)
    I live in Brighton too, hope you didn't have too much snow trouble! xx

  4. Aw, ta Beth :) Glad the post had some nice feedback really, I'm not the best photograph taker, i just snap and run, but i think it might make me take a bit more time over my pics. we didnt have too much probs with the snow, well y'know apart from the obvious like not being able to dig the car out.always lovely to meet a fellow brightonian! :) xxx


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