Thursday, 9 December 2010

Ha Ha's and Doo Dah's.

Yesterday my cousin and I ventured into Brighton for a pre-Xmas shopping trip, which quite frankly we must have been bonkers to do since the wind chill coming in off the sea was like minus a million or something stupid. We had parked on the top floor of The Highest Car Park know to man, and I literally thought I would be able to snap my fingers off they were that cold, blue and lifeless.
I Managed to sneak in a few cheeky Eggnog Lattes from S-Bucks, although half of it ended up down the sleeve of my coat when I was trying out the Strobe Cream in Mac. We had a yummy Gluten-Free lunch in Ha Ha Bar which was lovely and it looked so pretty in there with all the Christmas lights and the huge chandeliers. Shame the service was crap, I wanted to leave a good tip mainly because the waiter looked like Ryan Reynolds, but I was loathe to leave one when the service was so bleeding awful.
There's this lovely chocolate shop near the Laines in Brighton called ChoccyWoccyDooDah, and in the window they had this massive reindeer which we are still undecided as to whether it was a huge cake or made out of chocolate, if it was chocolate I want to know where you can buy a slab of chocolate that huge!
Picture via Facebook (mine was rubbish!)
Today I made marshmallows, which was majorly exciting. As with everything I've never done before I slotted making marshmallows into the 'gotta be very hard' category. But it was so easy and I felt dead clever, like I'd had a hand in building the pyramids or something equally as epic. I'm just waiting for the mixture to set so I can slice it all up and then I'll post the recipe.
I've done that really daft thing of believing this weeks horoscope in Heat. Apparently I'll give myself too much too do and will work myself to the bone and to a frenzy trying to get various things done for Christmas. And I have, I actually have done that, I've not even written my cards, I've only wrapped The Boyf's presents and I haven't even finished buying the rest of my Xmas presents yet or finished doing the ones I'm hand making, but then knowing this I've been fannying about making marshmallow, swanning off to Brighton shopping and reading Marie Claire while I watch Glee.
I forgot to say at the end of the last post (the FAQ guide) a big thanks to Becky who as always gave me some great suggestions and comments on the post.
Also, while I'm on the subject of gratitude I'd just like to say a big Thank-you to everyone who commented, tweeted or emailed me regarding the FAQ, I'm glad everyone took it in the light hearted manner in which it was intended and that it was actually of some use!
I know I promised a snowy days cupcake recipe, but the pictures I took were really bad as it was in the evening and the light wasn't my friend, so unless someone specifically wants the recipe I won't be posting it, but leave me a comment if you do.
I was having a flick through my holiday pictures from Florida last year, and found a picture I took in the Ye Olde Christmas Shop at the Magic Kingdom, I've got it as my wallpaper now, but I thought id share it on here because its so christmassy and festive.
Also, the hour is nigh for Mince pie making time to commence. My mincemeat has been stewing away in it's jar since the start of November and at the weekend it will get its debut in my first ever mince pies, the recipe of which will be going up on Sunday, and the marshmallow one will go up tomorrow.

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