Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Ghosts of Christmas' Past

I'm a stickler for tradition, especially Christmas tradition and rituals. I don't embrace change at the best of times and I refuse to veer from the Christmas schedule that I have followed forever and there are certain things that must be done in our household in order for my Christmas experience to be complete, for example: every year I put the baubles on the Xmas  tree (despite my mum directing my hand), presents from my parents to me cannot be put under the tree until I'm tucked up in bed on Christmas eve, and The Muppet Christmas Carol has to be watched at full volume while I add my dulcet tones to every song.
Everyone has their own Christmas traditions and things that they do, such as going to midnight mass, and my traditions are pretty much the same, except instead of singing Hark the Herald Angels Sing, I can be found on the sofa with a box of Milk Tray on my lap singing 'There goes Mr.Humbug, there goes Mr.Grim..' whilst watching Micheal Caine being chased round Dickensian London by Rizzo and Gonzo.
Many apologies for being a naughty blogger and not posting for a week, every time I sat down to type up a post inspiration didn't come, my imagination was officially barren. On the plus side, the time I would usually use for blogging I utilised for finishing all my handmade pressies, wrapping things and seeing friends. I also had a pre Xmas pick me up in the form of my b12 jab, and my doctor gave me the gift of a repeat prescription, which upon collection from the pharmacy would have been easier to transport on a sleigh hitched up with a twelve strong team of huskies.
the best thing about Christmas this year is that my oldest and bestest friend Anna has moved back home permanently and shes literally a stones throw from my house (well, depending on how far you could throw a stone) which is ace, I can envisage 2011 being spent on her sofa watching an endless steam of DVDs and eating salted popcorn. It'll be nice to have her home where I can keep an eye on her!
Unfortunately I didn't have enough photos to warrant doing A week in Pictures on Sunday, so I thought I'd leave it until next week and then it can be A Fortnight in Pictures and I will have amassed a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure.
Hello to the lovelies who have added themselves as followers in the past week, thank-you so much for reading, I hope you like it here!
I know my posts haven't been very recipe heavy recently, the recipes that I'm doing over Christmas I haven't got pictures for, so I was going to wait until I had taken some pictures and then I'd post the recipes. I'm doing Eggnog cream deserts for Christmas Day and on Boxing Day I'm doing a fail safe Jewish cheesecake, I L.O.V.E cheesecake. I've also got a yummy recipe for sticky plum chicken which I think your going to love which I will put up on Christmas eve.
Before I go to do today's recipe, here's some festive bits and bobs that I'm loving at the moment.

Aurora Borealis Via Flickr always reminds me on Philip Pullmans His Dark Materials books

Lily Flame do the loveliest smelling candles, I already have Blush and it's scrummy
Christmas Day with the Warry's many moons ago
Nigella's Rocky Road
How cute is this X-mas pudding from KatesMakes?

Katie-Boo k

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