Monday, 30 August 2010

Back to School

Hurrah, all the kids go back to school this week and I for one couldn't be more pleased as it means the shops and streets will not be overrun with children wearing heelies (an accident waiting to happen in my eyes).
This week I'm going to attempt to put a 'back to school' recipe up every day for those of my readers who have gluten-free kids or for anyone who needs some new ideas for their lunch boxes. I shan't promise that I will get a recipe up everyday, but I will try my very hardest (no blood oaths here!).
my poor old blog has been on lock down this week, I've not even been able to visit it and reprimand myself for being too idle to write a recipe post because poor Mary my Mac had a hissy fit and conked out last week and then the Internet crashed 'ughhhhh', although to be fair I didn't let this bother me for too long because the X Factor was on.
Last Monday I received a ginormous box of gluten free goodies from Becky at Dietary Specials (thanks Becky!) so I didn't really have to do much shopping this week. Dietary Specials do a great range of rolls, bread, and frozen yummies like pasties and sausage rolls, which are brilliant for popping in your lunch box.
For anyone that has never visited get on there pronto, you can pick up new and used recipe books for fabulously frugal prices, I bought Nigella's 'How to be a Domestic Goddess' for £7! Quite a bargain from the queen of baking herself! I also very sneakily (because I'm meant to have been frugal this month, and the last) put myself on the pre-order list for Nigella's new book which is out on Thursday (cue excited squeals from me!).
I saw some very cute lunch boxes in Sainsburys (you must think I live in Sainsburys!) but my dad managed to talk me out of buying one since I don't actually attend school or any other institution where a lunch box might be of some practical use. Check out the oh so cute lunch boxes at dotcomegiftshop, my cousin bought the pink polka coolbag, its so sweet, for the hardcore men if your life there is even lunch boxes with skulls on (are hardcore men into skulls? I'm not sure as my boyfriend is more the type to moisturise than take a car apart).

Anyway, on with the baking. I visited the Gluten free message board recently and felt really sorry for all the parents who have kids who are gluten free, it must be very hard to find and cook new things for them especially when they cant have what other kids at school are eating, I know my own  mum had problems with me throwing tantrums when I started eating gluten free (when I was 20-ha!).
I'm not a childcare expert by any stretch of the imagination but I think one of the best ways to get kids interested in what they're eating (and I think Jamie Oliver will agree) is to let them help you prepare and cook food. I'm not suggesting you let them near an open flame or lethally sharp knives, but having a hand in making something simple like cakes or scones gives them a sense of achievement, even now I feel all pleased with myself when I've made something, and I'm five years shy of 30! Yes, I know it can be annoying and messy baking with children, as I learned when I made chocolate fudge with a class of Year 3's but it makes them feel so grown up and happy, which is probably why my mum and dad let me make dinner most nights.
All the recipes posted this week will be child friendly ( i.e easy to make) bar a few recipes which kids will enjoy eating but which you may want to make yourself as they involve hot oil and a sharp knife!
The first recipe this week is for mini cheese scones, child friendly and super easy and quick to whip up, they are lunch box sized and once they've cooled you can either put them in a sealed box or tin or pop them in the freezer until you want to eat them.
I've noticed a lot of you have voted in my pole, only 11 days left so get your vote in quick to have a hand in what I cook next!

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