Monday, 2 August 2010

Dirty Harry

Let me set the scene for you...It's the end of a good evening, it's getting late and there's one more thing to before you go to sleep..your nervous but you cross your fingers and hope for the wait, you keep checking..but horror of horrors it.just.won't.rise. You blame it me? Is it something I did?
I am of course talking about the nightmare world of the souffle!
At the start of my souffle career I was totally smug and confident in my souffle making skills. The first time I made the Lemon souffle recipe I'm posting today they rose brilliantly (beginners luck i thought), the second time i made lemon souffle for my Bessie Anna and they rose even better than the first time (I'm a pro i think), third time the sodding things don't even rise above the rim of the ramekin! what did i do wrong?! The truth is there is no rhyme or reason to souffle success or failure which is both completely frustrating but all these more pleasing and smug inducing when they go right! i have a few tips to sway the odds to a well risen souffle in your favour.
I also have a LOVELY Lemon Curd Souffle, it really is the yummiest thing you will ever taste and i know you'll love it, but all things considered i will understand if you don't want to attempt it but know this..even top chefs have no fool proof formula for a perfect souffle, even GF Food Hero Phil Vickery himself says there's no super secret to a risen souffle its just luck, so you've got to ask yourself one question: Do you feel lucky?' Well, do ya, punk?

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