Saturday, 21 August 2010

Something for the weekend

Had a good old peruse of the new baking goodies on offer in sainsbury's, I had to remind myself that I'm meant to be on a frugal trip at the moment and restrained myself to buying just a few things including some oh so cute cupcake boxes and some pink sparkle dust to decorate cakes and the like with. I also couldn't resist splashing out on a new blogging notebook for myself so that if I'm overcome with ideas in the night I can scribble them down quickly, of course I needed a matching pen to do that. Before you look at the pictures and ask the question 'just HOW old are you Kate?' just remember that Winnie the Pooh is for everyone, not just kids!
The recipe promised for all my lovely gorgeous followers (because MY followers are the most lovely gorgeous followers on the net.Fact.) is going up today. So after you scope out the pics of some recent cute purchases have a butchers at the recipe for Lemon Curd Cake (yes, I know I do a lot of lemon things and this will be the last thing for a while, promise) it was inspired by a cake on The Great British Bake Off, but this version is of course gluten free.
Muffin Cases (pack of 52)  £1.39 Coast Gifts
Eeyore Notebook £3.99 Sainsburys
Cupcake cases (pack of 100)  52p Sainsburys
Cupcake Necklace £5.99 Accessorize


  1. I love lemon so don't quit, and I love the cupcake wrappers! I also have to remind myself as well "This is a frugel trip" before I go into any kind of cooking stote. It is insane how fast all those cute little things add up. :)

  2. I have an unbelievable stash of cupcake cases, hundreds by now! they're just so cute, and theres always so many to choose from! x


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