Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Brutal Baking

Did anyone catch The Great British Bake Off on BBC2 last night? It was brilliant and also slightly brutal- grown men crying over sunken tea loaves and the broken looks of many a face when the delectable Mary Berry declared a sponge 'dry'. It was all rather good! Some of the creations were amazing and made me feel a little sheepish about my lemon drizzle cake which paled in comparison to most of the goodies on offer!
My favourite baker of the lot has to be Edd, he's super duper cute and his cakes look so yum, i really hope he goes through to the final!
I must say though, and I'm probably only saying this as my body is afflicted with an incapacity to digest gluten without being ill, but what shows like The Great British Bake Off and Masterchef lack is a contestant who is a gluten freer, that would add a new dimension to the show and perhaps a good sob story a la the X Factor!
All this baking has got me in the mood for making an epic cake, luckily we have family coming over on Sunday for an end of summer tea party of sorts, although the actual odds of venturing outside are slim in this weather but I shall whip up a cake never the less.
This also gives me a grand excuse to get some baking goodies from the new Sainsbury's range of cooking bits and pieces, I did notice whilst aisle gliding last Sunday that they now stock.. (wait for it)... Disney Princess cake sprinkles...I almost put myself into cardiac arrest with the excitement of it all.
I was contemplating making a giant cupcake, but after looking at the recipe and the intended dimensions for just the base I decided against it as I realised that the bleeding thing would weigh as much as my cat, and he's almost 5 kilos.
Sadly there is no recipe for today as I haven't pulled my finger out in time to prepare, cook and take photos of anything, but expect something shortly (although don't hold your breath, you know what I'm like!).
Until then here are some extra cute baking bits and bobs I found online when I was meant to be doing things of far greater importance.All loveliness featured above is avaliable online at its a FAB website but I think Im going to have to start putting a lot more money in the Kate Wants Pretty Things Fund before I can buy everything I want!

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