Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Dr Katie-Boo to the rescue

I'm away from blog city for 5 minutes and what happens? Apparently not very much!
Sorry for my absence as promised I will explain all.
We had the mother of all fright nights a few Fridays ago, when my Dad upon going out promptly had to reverse course and come back in and then collapsed in the chair clutching his chest.
Now, I'm not what you would call a practical person, nor when describing me would you list common sense as an attribute, but for a person who could make clumsiness into an art form, I am actually one cool customer in a crisis (I'll tell you about the time I saved the day during a hurricane on holiday another time).
While Dad was clutching his chest and turning blue, I deduced from my extensive medical training of watching ER, Greys Anatomy and House that he was in fact probably having a heart attack.
Fear not dear blogger's, after being whisked off to A&E and a four day stay in hospital they let him come home, and I have been honing my insufferable nurse act of him ever since. Poor bugger.
The Other Bowel Problems I mentioned before have throw a spanner in the works and I've been poorly for the last week or so and feeling a bit sorry for myself. However. Just two days ago I finished The C-word by Lisa Lynch, who I mentioned on here before. Lisa was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at 28, and Jesus H Christ what she went through in one year makes The Other Bowel Problems seem like a sniffle. Frustrating, painful and inconvenient and unpredictable as TOBP's often are I realised I would go through that ten fold to avoid what Lisa went through. So I've made a resolution to whinge less. Starting now. Or maybe tomorrow.
I know I promised a crumble post, and also a guest post, but as you can imagine things have been a bit frantic at casa de Kate but I've got a few good 'un's lined up for you in the next week. Dad's started a low fat healthy heart diet so I've been researching recipes for him, so maybe I'll do some gluten free healthy heart recipes for any gluten freers who have problems with their tickers.


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