Sunday, 3 October 2010


I don't usually like Sundays, mainly because my mum hates Sundays and I think its probably inherent. However today has been rather good. Apart from being a bonkers for baking I'm a bit of a WWI&II nut and my dad only decided to divulge today that he had a load of my Great Grandad McLean's papers etc from his time in the Royal Horse Artillery, (you would think either my dad or I would have inherited horse riding skills.We haven't) so I've spent the morning nursing a coffee and having a read through all of Grandad's treasures.  I know people get very bored by history so I won't put you to sleep babbling on about it, this is a baking blog after all.
Anyway, I've been trying to fine tune my carrot cake muffins which I think/hope/pray will be yummy. I just whipped up a batch for the post today and they're cooling as we speak so by the time I finish this post I can slap some icing on and whack out some pics. The good news is I've managed to sort my camera out, which just goes to show a good shake can fix most things.
I'm also doing a dry (or wet run) of Nigella's chicken noodle soup, tweaked by yours truly for the consumption of the gluten free public. Thats tomorrows post, I'm getting ahead of myself, back to the carrot muffins.
I've said it once and I'll say it again, the way I see it carrot cake is one of your five a day, plus with the 100g's of sultana's in this recipe your almost half way to fufilling your five a day quota, you'd just have to eat all twelve muffins to get there. This recipe (minus the icing) is dairy free as well as gluten free which calls for a double round of 'hoorahs!' I'm posting a dairy free icing as well as the regular dairy infested icing so you can pick and choose which you use.
Right, I've got to dash and give these muffins an ice and type up the recipe, ta ta for now!

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