Saturday, 2 October 2010

Soup, soup, a tasty soup, soup!

Summer has gasped its last spluttering breathe and on cue the heavens have opened and England has been smothered in about a million inches of rain (not literally, or we'd disappear off the map). No one is happy about this apart from me, which probably has something to do with the fact that I don't have to venture outside to go to work. Thankfully the day I had to visit my new dietitian was the sunniest day all week, oh the irony! It was still cold so I was wrapped up like Eskimo Nell with three layers and a scarf to keep me thoroughly toasty. Beknowst to me the nutrition centre at the hospital is down the physio wing, and down the physio wing is the hydrotherapy the time I was called in to see the dietitian I was almost panting from the subtropical heat.
Did anyone catch Nigella on Thursday? I just watched it on the iplayer and I'm slightly worried that shes losing her touch. The opening scenes sees old 'gella emerging from the tube station, I may be cynical but I refuse to believe that Nigella Lawson the domestic goddess herself catches the tube, and then later on she struggles to open a can of coconut a normal person.
Anyway, the recipes all sounded yum which is the main thing. I especially liked the look of the chicken noodle soup, even though technically I'm a vegetarian.  Which brings me full circle to the recipe of the day, however tenuous the link, Roasted Winter Vegetable Soup.
Its super easy, super tasty and can be frozen when its cooled down, the only down side is that you need arms like Arnie in order to hack through some of the veg...butternut squash (if only). Also if there is a nuclear disaster or we're snowed in during the winter months the recipe makes enough soup to feed the five thousand.
Construction has started on the new blog header for 'A Girls Guide...', and by construction I mean that I have started to cut and stick bits of paper and ribbon together. I was going to pay someone to make my header to spruce the blog up a bit but I then remembered that I actually have an A Level in Fine Art so I could probably do it myself, its just the scanning and importing part that I'm a tad bewildered by, because despite the A Level in Art I do not possess an A Level in IT which is sort of fundamental to a working knowledge in blogs and all this HTML lark. To be completely honest almost everything I sucessfully manage to do involving technology, especially computers I achieve on a wing and a prayer, or by sheer luck.
Anyway, while I faff around trying to sort my header out, testing new recipes and generally swanning around doing nothing of any vital importance you can get on and try the recipe! Happy souping!

P.s. For anyone who is a stranger to The Mighty Boosh, the post title is a reference to the rather hilarious 'Soup Song' featured on the series. Just thought I'd mention that, just incase you thought I'd finally lost the plot!

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