Sunday, 31 October 2010

House of Horrors

If this were Buffy The Vampire Slayer my house would be the library that resides over the Hell-Mouth. except this is England, there's no Sarah Michelle Geller doing Kung-Fu in my garden and nobody has bad 90's highlights or bomber jackets. There is however, an inordinate amount of bad luck and calamitous activity hovering over my house right now, but sadly no David Boreanaz with a gypsy curse trying to get through my skylight window.
After Freaky Friday (trying to keep with the theme here!) I thought maybe things would be quiet at casa de Kate for a bit but nothing is ever as simple as that and annoyingly ailments, especially the abscess on your mothers back that's potentially giving her blood poisoning cares not a jot that you have some ace blog posts and finely tuned witticisms that you'd been planning to pop up before the weekend.
So Friday was spent down at the hospital waiting while Mum had an operation on her back. There's a lot to be said about the NHS, I tend to wax lyrical about our health service because really, we are very lucky to have a free health service, but one thing the NHS need to put serious money into improving is the state of their coffee. It's like treacle, you could stand a spoon up in it, I only (gratefully) accepted a coffee from the staff nurse because I hadn't eaten or drunk anything for 7 hours and I was gasping like a fish washed up on the beach.
Anyway, disaster averted, this weekend I've been getting my strength back (ha) and catching up on my sleep, these parents, nothing but worry. 
In a premptive measure I have unplugged the doorbell, which is one of those marvelous ones that only rings when its plugged in, excellent idea in my opinion as it it cuts out the middle man with trick or treaters and also carol singers, so they can sing Hark The Herald Angels to their hearts content  and whinge and whine for sweeties as much as they like because I.Won't.Hear.Them. Plus I just know that if I did leave the doorbell switched on the little rugrats would ring it when the X Factor's on.
Halloween has never been something celebrated in our household when I was a kid (had you guessed?), the only time I ever really got into the swing of Halloween was at uni and that was just because it was another excuse to dust off the fancy dress and drink Lambrini until doing the Thriller dance seemed the next logical step in a litany of embarrassing Halloween activities.
With any luck (barring natural disasters and the like) I shall get the long promised recipe posts up tomorrow, although I've been hyping the damn things up for so long there's a danger it'll be a bigger anti climax than Katy Perry's performance on X Factor week before last (I don't mean that Katy, I still love you!).
Have fun tonight whatever you get up to, I like to think at least maybe one of my lovely followers will be watching Hocus Pocus in their pj's with a blanket over their knees..or is that just me? See you all tomorrow!

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