Monday, 4 October 2010

Fairweather Vegetarian

Soup always reminds me of winter time and drinking cup-a-soups in bed with a cold. Annoyingly so many soups in the supermarkets have wheat and gluten in, there's only a scant handful that are GF and most of those are questionable concoctions. I know soup can be a bit of a headache to make sometimes, especially if you have to pre-cook vegetables or meat but its really worth making your own because at least you know whats going in it and you can tweak it to your own tastes, plus most recipes make a fairly large batch which you can freeze for times of famine or after a long and busy day when you to cook.
This recipe is a variation of Nigella's Chicken Noodle Soup as seen on Nigella's Kitchen last Thursday. Although technically I'm vegetarian, I could probably be described as a fair weather vegetarian, meaning that every now and then I have a sneaky steak or a cheeky chicken wing. If you didn't fancy the look of my roasted veg soup and are a bit more caveman then carrot eater this soup should tick all the boxes. It uses a whole tin of coconut milk so if your watching the pounds try using a half fat or 'lite' version, its just as yummy and no less creamy.
I know this is the second recipe for soup in less than three days, but I promise I have some solid meals lined up for the next week!
I hope you all had a good weekend, has anyone baked anything scrummy lately?

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