Monday, 11 October 2010

Glitter, Glue and Cupcakes too.

Breast Cancer Care Cupcake Topper (handmade by yours truly!)

Today is the start of a fairly busy week after a somewhat idle weekend. I've once again put off everything that needs doing and tried to force it all into one short week. Fortunately there are some enjoyable excursions as well as some must-go-to appointments so I cant complain too much.
Despite my weekend of leisure I'm still deeply knackered. Sleep has alluded me for various reasons over the past week and it's all catching up with me as I sit here with a glazed look in my eyes, drooling all over my laptop.
Sadly there is no recipe for today, but you can expect the usual ramblings from me plus some pictures of my Pink Cupcakes for Breast Cancer Care that turned out quite well despite a disaster with runny icing which resulted in 10 minutes of tantrum throwing.
Saturday evening was spent watching car crash telly a.k.a The X Factor, and making cupcake toppers. For anyone not up to date with recent baking news, cupcake toppers are basically tiny flags on sticks that you poke in the top of your cupcakes when they're cooked, all the big gun blogs are doing how to's for making your own cupcake toppers, but I thought I'd wing it and make my own, I did them all completely different so my cupcakes will look eclectic and kooky (I hope!) when topped with these bad boys. My cousin enquired if perhaps cupcake toppers were my new business enterprise, to which the answer was unfortunately no. As much as I love faffing around with glue and glitter I don't know that I'd make enough money from sequins on sticks to get a decent wage. Boo! If you want a step-by-step on how to make them I'd be happy to oblige.
I've popped a few pics up that I took of the toppers so you could have a gander at my handiwork (amateurish though it is!).  In the quest to get more people following I've hatched a cunning plan which involves t-shirts, glitter pens and a few not easily embarrassed family and friends. A while ago I saw a girl in a magazine who got her C.V printed onto a t-shirt and wore it everywhere in the hopes that someone would read it and offer her an interview or job. Remembering her I thought this might work for me, expect that I couldn't fit my entire C.V on a t-shirt even if I wanted too, but I've had a scope online and I could fit a few decent lines of text on a t-shirt (for £5.99 I can get it written in diamante!). I've already talked my dad into wearing one, I've just got to persuade a few more people, I might get them printed but I'm thinking with my semi decent artistic skills I could probably whip something up myself.
Anyway. Tomorrow I have a fish pie recipe for you, sometime in the next two weeks I have a guest post and some other marvelous bits and bobs that I think you'll like.
Before I go, just a quick word on commenting. Please don't be afraid to comment on any of the posts and recipes, I love (and fear!)  hearing your comments, although hypocritical this seems as I almost never comment on other peoples blogs. It's always good to get feedback on recipes, good and bad, so get typing folks! Also I want to hear your stories and sojourn's into gluten-free life and tell me your favourite recipes, you can email me or leave a comment. Thrilling as my life is (ahem) it's always interesting to hear other peoples tales, plus I can be subtly nosey without obviously prying into peoples lives!

How ace are these cupcake boxes? (pack of 2 from sainsburys)


  1. These look delish and I am loving the pink for such a great cause!

    Liesl :)

  2. Thanks Liesl :) any excuse for a bit of pink! x


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