Thursday, 9 September 2010

Brighton Rocks

Sadly the miracle of me actually writing a final post for the Back to School spesh didn't come to fruition, although I have to admit its a miracle in itself that I got four posts up in a week, let alone five (I'll give myself a pat on the back for that later).
I had a fan-tab-ulous (another phrase from the Dictionary of Kate) week with The Boyf, we went to Brighton on Monday and had a good old nosey round the shops, and I got a few bits and bobs including some cosy PJ's, which when I added to my pile The Boyf's eyes rolled to the heavens (I have what you might call a pajama obsession, 14 pairs and counting!). We had a yummy lunch at Wagamama's which has it's own gluten free menu! We went to our favourite store, The Cook Shop, which as the name suggests sells cooking equipment as well as various bits and pieces for the kitchen. There's so many things I want from there, but they will probably have to be added to the wish list that includes meeting Nigella Lawson and her telling me my cupcakes are better than hers, and staying overnight in Cinderella's Castle in Disney.
Stevie (that's The Boyf) was rather edgy as I was toting the worlds biggest handbag and several shopping bags and kept banging into things of considerable worth and knocking them off stands and shelves etc. I think he was rather glad to get out in the end.
Saturday morning saw the arrival of How to Be a Domestic Goddess thumping through my letterbox at 9am, excited wasn't the word!! It was just as good as I thought it would be, perhaps better, theres a whole chapter dedicated just to chocolate, I congratulated myself on a terrific buy by adjusting her cupcake recipe for my G/F purposes and they were YUMMY, perhaps the best cupcakes I've made yet!
Did anyone catch The Great British Bake Off on Tuesday? My favourite, Edd, was dangerously close to being booted off after a disastrous couple of rounds. I did feel sorry for him because he did so well in all the previous programs, but he was utterly flumoxed by the pudding rounds this week. In the second round they had to bake lemon souffles and all the contestants fluffed it, it made me feel very smug as I made my Lemon Curd souffles on Sunday and they came out great, especially with the help of my new electric whisk (courtesy of daddy!).
I've been reading all the fab blogs out there (some of whom are followers of mine) and I felt a bit disheartened. My blog seems a bit amateurish compared to the gorgeous blogs out there, I love all the snazzy personalised headers but due to severe lack of experience in computer programs I have no idea how to personalise my own, do you guys have any ideas?
I've also noticed that the clocks ticking on my poll, so anyone who had voted get your vote in sharpish, while I think up some recipes!
Anyway, I have one of two new recipes up my sleeve for you at the weekend, I just need to get a wiggle on and make them so I can take some snaps rather than pinching them from the BBC website.
Also in the coming weeks I have a Eating Out Guide and some tips for those of you who are gluten-free and are panicing about eating out, plus some recipes for cross over intolerance's, for example those who are gluten free and lactose intolerance. I've just realised that I've given myself quite a bit of writing and cooking to do so I'm going to have to love you and leave you for now, here's a few pics from our trip to Brighton. See you all at the weekend!
The Cook Shop


  1. Hi Kate

    With regards to your blog header, if you can afford $10 (i know you are in England, but i have an American keyboard and i am referring to an American website too) then you can ask someone to make you one on
    Either search for someone selling that service or put a custom request in. It would be $10 worth spending IMO.

    Also, i'd love the recipe for those lemon curd souffl├ęs they sound amazing.


  2. Hi stephanie!
    thanks, i'll check it out, i saw one blogger who offers to do a custom blog for you but the were charging $55! $10 is quite reasonable,i'll have a little look in a bit. could i design one myself on paper and then scan it and use it as my header? I'm so ditzy with these things, its like another language!
    glad you like the recipe, its really yummy and fairly easy as well!


  4. just had a peek, they are so cute! i definatly have to get one! x


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