Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Day 3: Back to School Special

Its day 3 of the B.T.S.S and I'm a little bit nervous about this recipe post as it involves chickpeas. Over the years I think chickpeas have got a bit of a reputation for being ultra bland and a bit of a hippy vegetarian food rather than something that can be used in an everyday diet. To be honest I resisted eating chickpeas and lentils for ages because of the pre-conception that chickpeas are as dull as dishwater but when I turned gluten free there was suddenly a limit to the amount of things I could potentially eat and thats when I started to introduce chickpeas into my diet. Any veggie will tell you that chickpeas are actually super good for you, as well as being low in fat they're a great source of zinc and protein and also have a high calcium content, good for ankle biters growing bones.
Dont get me wrong, I'm not that much of a fan that I sit in front of the telly eating chickpeas from a tin, but they're good for bulking a meal out, or for the basis of something that you can add flavours too.
The poor humble chickpea is a hard sell, but hopefully after you try this easy peasy recipe i'll have converted you, and then maybe you can work at convincing the kids!

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