Tuesday, 28 September 2010

My memory, or lack thereof.

Yes, I know Tuesday is not in fact Sunday, which is when I promised the raspberry mousse recipe for, but Sunday came and I was still feeling icky, and then I started watching The Vampire Diaries and doing arroword puzzles and before I knew it it was 6pm and the day had got away from me, and it was time for a bath and bed (Sunday is going to bed early day). And then yesterday my Bessie Anna came over for a coffee and a giggle. At 2pm I had to hike to the doctors for my b12 injection, and then I bought some goodies in Superdrug and had a nosey at the 1/2 price sale in La Senza, and by the time I knew it it was 5pm and time for a nap before dinner. so you see due to unscheduled events, planned appointments and my sieve like memory the raspberry mousse recipe slipped from my mind like water going down a drain.
My nurse,Lisa, who did my b12 jab took my temperature as according to her I looked a bit 'pale and peaky' (the cheek!) and it turns out the old kidneys are infected again (not that I realised, if I broke my arm I probably wouldn't know it until it dropped off), anyway, I managed to dodge a course of antibiotics and promised her I'd go home and take some paracetamol and chug some cranberry juice. So I went for lunch with Anna and drank a strawberry milkshake.
Anyway. Apart from the raspberry mousse I haven't physically baked anything for at least a week and I'm starting to feel a bit fidgety, so I think I'm going to whip up a round of cinnamon and sultana cookies after I've put this post up.
Guess what? for 2 hours I was the No.1 up and coming blog in food&drink on bloglovin', how ace is that? Of course by the time I text, rang and emailed everyone I know I was no longer number 1.
I've been promising for weeks to do some meal posts and I am working on it, after the disaster with the cat food..sorry crab kedgeree which I thought would be fail safe I was a tad despondent with the whole marvelous meals thing, but I'm back on tract, I've got a good 5 meals to dry run and tweak so expect something by the end of next week.
So back to the mousse. I was having some problems with the flash on my camera on Saturday night so the pictures I got of the mousse were all a bit rubbish so I'm just making do with an overexposed snap of said mousse. It was really nice, quite tart though so I've tweaked the recipe so you can make it as sour or sweet as you like. also you have the thrilling experience of using gelatin leaves (which wasn't half as thrilling as I was expecting it to be) its quite an easy recipe and the perfect dessert for a dinner party because you can whip it up, chuck it in the fridge and take it out when you need it,sorted! 

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