Monday, 20 September 2010

My Mama's Mini Bread n' Butter Pudding's

 My Mum never actually gave me a recipe for B&B pudding, I just watched her make it over the years and picked it up along the way. This version is of course G/F and is so quick and easy you'll wonder why you didn't make it before. This recipe serves 4, and you'll need 4 ramekins or 4 small oven proof dishes which are oven safe and roughly the same size.

  • 4 Slices of gluten free bread, with the crusts cut off and quartered.i used genius bread for this recipe, other bread is smaller so you may need more.
  • Marmalade
  • Butter or margarine
  • Sultana's
  • Soft brown sugar
  • 2 Medium eggs beaten
  • 100ml Milk
  • Cinnamon
  • Pre-heat your oven to Gas 6
  • Butter both sides of your cubed bread and spread marmalade over one side, start a layer of bread in the bottom of the ramekins, sprinkle over sugar, cinnamon and sultana's.
  • Keep building up the layers this way with the bread as the base of every layer.
  • After you've finished layering your pudding, beat the eggs and milk together and pour over the puddings.
  • Pop in the oven for 25-30 minutes until the egg is cooking and the top layer is golden.
  • Remove from the oven and leave to cool for a few minutes before serving (when they first come out of the oven the puddings are nuclear).

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