Thursday, 2 September 2010

Quiche Me Kate

Good job I came up with that blog title the other day, because my brain is completed fried today, despite having a million things to do, I've left all of them until today to do,which as you will have probably guessed is rather typical of me. Even at uni I used to hastily throw together an essay the night before hand in date even though Id had a good few months to write it.
Carrying on the 'Mini' theme with the 'Back to School' spesh today I'm all over mini quiches like a rash! Especially with the new Dietary Specials shortcrust pastry you can literally whip them up in seconds, well 10-20mins which is the time it takes for them to cook. I enjoy making my own pastry, but with an attention span as short as mine if the pastry doesn't go right I'm liable to throw a strop and chuck the whole lot in the bin, but not any more! I mean, I knew that ready made pastry (the non gf kind) existed but I never really thought we G/F folk would ever have something like that. Thankfully it has arrived and anyone that says its cheating should try and make gluten free pastry first! (you can't see me, but I'm dramatically throwing my head back in disgust!).
On a lighter note, my dad bought me my very own electric whisk today, which was very exciting indeed, no more tedious hours meringue making with a balloon whisk. Sorry...back to the quiches.
The beauty with this recipe as well as the easy peasy pastry is that you can swap and change what you want to put in your quiches. To be honest pretty much anything can go in a quiche, and the mixture measurements that I've listed will be enough for one big quiche if you didn't fancy doing itty bitty ones. As with the other recipes I've listed a few different variations you can try, but really any vegetable or meat could be thrown in as long as its cooked first.
Now, about the final post tomorrow. It made be a day or two late as I have The Boyfriend staying for a week, in an ideal world I'd get it written and posted before the week is up, but with my brain as easily distracted as it is this might not happen. although I have managed to get a blog post up the other four days this week, so that proves that miracles can happen..I just wouldn't hold your breathe waiting for this one.

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