Saturday, 25 September 2010

The magic of miso, the return of Nigella, and apologies from a shoddy blogger.

Hello, once again I have been a shoddy blogger, very sorry indeed. This week was meant to be the start of my Marvelous Meals series but unfortunately I've been rather ill all week and just the though of food has made me want to chunder (a excellent term chunder, a phrase I picked up from an Aussie pal, Cheryl).
The week started off OK and I managed to throw out the epic birthday cake I promised my Mum on Tuesday morning, and in the afternoon my friend Kate came over for a chin wag and a cuppa and she updated me on all the goss. Then disaster stuck Tuesday night (I say disaster, but what I really mean is disaster in Kate terms) first my crab kedgeree turned out to be vile and looked like cat food and there was no way I could put that on the blog when I thought it was vile and looked like catfood. Secondly I spent the majority of the night being sick, all part of the 'other bowel problems' I'm sharing my life with at the moment.
So in my weakened state I've spent the last few days watching The Hills and Grand Designs on my laptop and occasional dragging myself out of bed to answer the door to the postman or to pour myself a glass of water or make a peppermint tea with honey. The Wagamama's cookbook I ordered arrived on Wednesday, £6.77 from new&used on, not a mark or bent page to be seen, what a steal, I felt like the man on the Burger King advert who thinks he must have been under charged for his burger. Its now my mission to make the best Miso soup ever so I can get the recipe up on here. Does anyone else love Miso? Its heavenly, and you really feel like your doing yourself some good when you drink it. Like eating celery. I heard once that you burn more calories eating celery than it actually contains. Miso feels like that, like your supplying yourself with so many nutrients and other lovely things.
Anyway, Thursday my ASOS order came, which was highly exciting until I tried the top on that I ordered and it was ginormous, I can't be bothered with the ball ache of sending it back so I may ask Mother to take it in for me as my sewing skills don't extend to the alteration of clothing.
Today Dad and I are cooking a meal for Mum for her birthday which was on Wednesday, but she had to work so we're doing it today instead. I've been put in charge of the pudding (what else) because when it comes to puddings my dads a bit heavy handed. I've doing a yummy raspberry mousse, the most exciting part is I get to use gelatin leaves which I've never used before. so I'm going to whip that up this morning before Mum and I have an afternoon of pampering, manicures, facials and the like. I shall put the recipe up tomorrow for the the raspberry mousse after its gone through the taste test tonight.
In other news, did anyone catch the final of The Great British Bake Off? Edd won!Hoorah, I knew he would, my physic abilities have proved correct once more! Nigella is back on our screens next week(mainly because she has her new book to plug), and Hugh's river cottage started this week as well. After having a sneaky peek at my followers I've noticed there's a few of you living across the pond, have you got any favourite chefs or cooks that are popular where you live?
A friend from uni, Sophie, was diagnosed recently with a gluten intolerance, poor lamb, shes already lactose intolerant, she gave me some great feedback on the blog though, and said that the recipes and 'No Go' food list were really helpful. It's always nice to know that people find the blog helpful or that they enjoy reading it. Without getting to soppy and inducing wide spread vomiting, Id like to thank all the people who have supported the blog; passing it on to friends, adding the link on their facebook, even writing little ditties to advertise the blog, and also for all their useful feedback and comments, everyone has done their part, but the real heavy weights have been Becky at D/S, my Dad, Stevie B and Stephen M, muchos gracias! I'm done, you can all go and throw up now.
Ive papped a few snaps of mums birthday cake so you can have a gander, if anyone wants the recipe just let me know. See you all tomorrow, enjoy your Saturday!

Strawberry Victoria Sponge Tower

Peppermint tea and a blondie, curative for many an ailment.

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