Saturday, 11 September 2010

Two for Tea

Just thought I'd pop in and say hello to the blog before the recipe post tomorrow.
The day started off rather well because my heart measuring spoons from dotcomgiftshop arrived this morning, that's one thing to tick off The Wish List. I had to exert extreme willpower in order not to buy one of their new pink polka dot milk pans as well, I'm quite proud of myself actually,maybe there is hope for me as a frugal goddess yet!
I actually thought I'd pop a post up because I've just discovered  Pip Studio, an Amsterdam based company who do chinaware, bed covers and the like. Urban Outfitters website supply part of the collection, but Pip Studio's own website is amazing, if your like me and love pretty chintz along the Kath Kidson train of thought you will love the site. Although at the moment not even the Kate's Pretty Things Contingency Fund will cover the cost of all the lovely things I want from the range, I may have to sneak a few of them on my Christmas list (my mum asks me to write my list in October).
I thought I'd whack a few pics up for you to have a gander at, I especially love the teacup, its one of my fantasies in life to own a tea set. Even though I'll have limited use of such a thing, I know I wont feel like I've filled my potential as a woman unless I own a tea service.
Anyway, toodles for now, see you all tomorrow!

I had to hunt the net looking for some pics for you because the actual website for Pip Studio wouldn't let me copy the pictures, probably something to do with copyright, but I found these for you to enjoy. I make no apologies for the major pink, chintz-ness, this is a Girls Guide after all!


  1. Amazing, it is pink !
    I wanna have pink dishes, but everyone says NO :(
    I love the first pic, cookies and chocolats will look great on it :)

    xoxo lala

    come and visit me

  2. Hi lala,
    My boyfriend's the same, he would never let me have pink dishes! :( i love the cake stand too.
    love your blog by the way, very cute!

    Kate x


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