Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Office Space

My house is currently the epicentre for every illness, ailment and sniffle in the country. I've been huddled under my slanket, sipping peppermint tea and reading All Quiet on the Western Front whilst feeling sorry for myself over some unspecified bug that my mother has probably passed onto me from all the ankle biters she works with. I thought today's post (as I've been too poorly/idle/distracted to drag myself into the kitchen to whip up some goodies for the you), would be a sneaky peek into where the 'magic' happens (as they say on Cribs) with a few (highly edited) snaps of where I do all my blog writing.
I've always loved having a good old poke round peoples house, even as a kid I loved nosing into peoples rooms, and nothings changed. Eleanor over at bonjour,bbydoll put some lovely pics of her super cute flat up, and her desk is so chic and tidy, while everything on my poor old dresser is fighting for space.
I'm a hoarder by nature, for the most part my room is clean and (fairly) tidy, the clutter and crap resides on the shelves and surfaces in quite orderly piles, although I gave my desk a quick spruce up for your benefit before I took the pics.
You will be completely unsurprised to learn that my room is pink, I was planning on redecorating a while ago, but I never got round to it, the reality is I probably spent the decorating budget on clothes and handbags. Anyway, I like my little pink room, its quite comforting, almost like being in the womb I imagine (obviously I cant remember that far back).
Obviously this post has absolutely nothing to do with gluten free baking, I thought as I have no recipe for you I'd allow you a glimpse into what you already know to be my very scatty, chintzy existence!
Before I let you go to witness my domestic sluttery, I'd like to draw your attention (loquacious today aren't I?) to my Booty-ful Blog section, I've added two new blogs written by the equally booty-ful Becky over at Dietary Specials, check them out by clicking on the links for Tru Free and Dietary Specials. Also you may like to have a gander at a article from The Guardian yesterday about catering for dinner guests who have dietary restrictions, Cooking for guests on a special diet.
Also under Links to Love there's a link to new brand Kent&Fraser whom I discovered in the Lakeland catalogue this morning, they do a range of yummy scrummy cakes and biccies so check the site out at your leisure.
My heart memo holder, bearing a funny letter from my Dad, a snap of Stevie, postcards and magazine clippings.

The 'K' I bought from Within Reason in Sheffield, the cat painting my parents bought me back from Paris.

Another vintage goodie from Great Grannie.


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