Monday, 20 September 2010

The Great British Kate Off

I unexpectedly have the company of my mother today which is always nice because we get to have a good ol' gossip and drink coffee. Its my mums birthday on Wednesday and I have an epic girly birthday cake planned.
I had quite a busy weekend (busy by my standards anyway), my Dad and I did some last minute birthday shopping for mums birthday, I got a few bits for myself, and I came across a G/F brand that I hadn't heard of before called Sunstart and I bought a pack of  biccies to test, and they were yummy.
I also kicked off my Kilner jar collection. I loved Nigella's kitchen with her shelves lined with glass jars filled with pasta and flour, it looked so pretty and neat, then more recently on The Great British Bake-Off the contestants had all their ingredients in big glass Kilner jars, that sealed the deal for me and I vowed that I had to start my own jar collection. I lead a terribly exciting life.
Yesterday I had a good old day in the kitchen, I made mini bread and butter puddings (today's recipe) and some cheese and onion twists. Tomorrow is the first of the Marvelous Meals series so don't forget to check in for all the new recipes.
Bread and Butter pudding always reminds me of my mum, she makes a mean B&B pud. It's a proper winter comfort pudding, but yummy anytime. The Boyf told me the big guns like Gordon Ramsey use marmalade in their bread and butter pudding so I thought it give it a go, and its lovely, it sort of caramelises and bubbles . This recipe uses any gluten free bread you have knocking around, but you could use G/F croissants for a luxe twist, or sweet rolls.
I hope you all had a good weekend!

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