Monday, 15 November 2010

Best Laid Plans

Maybe because I am so utterly scatty and lead a life largely devoid of schedule or purpose I aspire to anyone who has a good work ethic. My grandad is one such person. His work ethic really is something to behold, and even now at 83 he's so purposeful and practical in everything he does it really is a marvel. Sadly my Dad didn't inherit this trait and neither did I, not to infer that either of us are lazy, far from it, but the dreamer gene is probably more predominant in us than any other member of the family, which in my eyes could never be a bad thing since being even a smidgen like my Dad could only ever be a good thing.
Right now though, work ethic is something I could really do with, hence my Master Xmas plan mentioned in a previous post, pic's of which I've posted at the bottom, just in case you didn't believe that I actually physically devised a wall plan, which turned out to be something akin to Kevin's Stop The Bad-Guys Plan in Home Alone.
I love making lists, even more pleasing to me is ticking things off my lists. So I was perhaps a tad more elated than was necessary when I got home from a shopping trip to Chichester with my cousin Tasha and could tick several things of on my master plan.
We had a lovely day in Chichester. We're really quite lucky where we live as there's some great places to shop and have nice days out which are all a train ride away, which is good for me since the train is basically the only form of transport other than Rollerblades that doesn't make me travel sick. It was a quite chilly day, but was deceptively sunny so I didn't wear a coat. Big mistake. As I am the No.1 most nesh person in the world (nesh=feels the cold easy). Anyway. Despite the cold we had a day of early bird Xmas shopping, Starbucks lattes and Gluten-Free cupcakes from the Swallow Bakery, yum.
I at last managed to get some fabric for my home made Xmas gifts, and its so pretty that I just want to look at it and admire it so I've been putting off using it for fear of cutting into its prettiness!
Last week was really quite slow on the cooking and baking front, although I have got some recipes backed up from a few weeks ago that I keep meaning to posts, but troublesome parents, and The Boyf's demands of my attention have put a halt to regular posts over the past few weeks, but hopefully this week I'm back on track and ready to roll. 
Today my Dad went back to work after his recent time off. I'm pleased that he's well enough to go back to work but I really quite missed him. As an only child I am capable of entertaining myself for hours on end and in total solitude, however I'm a creature of habit and I'd got used to having him around.
As I get older the parent/child roles seem to be slowly reversing and suddenly I'm wide awake worrying about my mum and dad, buying them vitamins and escorting them to their doctors appointments. Not that either of them warrant this level of overprotectiveness, both being in their 50's and on the whole fit and well, but I just cant help myself. When we went to visit my dad in hospital there was nothing I could do to help (what with me not being a cardiologist and all) and it was driving me crackers and I'd bitten all my nails down to the quick. The one thing I could do? Why, question the nurse on duty in a KGB style interrogation about dad's drugs, ECG's and blood tests of course.
Moving on.
I've been resisting the urge to post loads of cupcake recipes on this blog as it becomes slightly relentless, but I have one more and then that shall be it for a while, and I promise you its a corker.
I've been getting all inspired by the craft blogs on the block, including What Katie Found who I mentioned before and who makes some really pretty teacup candles, super cute brooches and earrings click here to see all the lovely things she makes.  My new obsession is Beth at  Deer Little Fawn's blog, I love her hand sewn cupcake embroideries.

My Xmas Plan

A few sketches to plan what I'm making, I'd forgotten how theraputic drawing could be.

So kitch, so twee, so very cute!


  1. Ooh, I have that pink floral stripey fabric! Looking forward to seeing what you make.

    Emily x

  2. It's so cute! I've seen it somewhere else, but I can't remember where. The juries still out as to whether I'll make anything other than a mess! x


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