Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Riskin' it for a biscuit.

It's a spanking nice day here in my little house by the sea. The sun is shining, I've got my cosy winter slipper boots on and its the perfect day for baking. The day is oh-so much sweeter as The Boyf will be here by eight-thirty tonight and we get to spend a whole week doing lots of nice smug couple things like shopping in The Laine's, going out for dinner at our favorite restaurant and watching our favourite telly programs in our PJ's.
Today's recipe is for one of my most favourite all time biscuits. I don't often have much need to make cookies or biscuits as there's such a vast range of gluten-free biccies in the shops that I only tend to make them when it gets to seven in the evening and theres nothing sweet to eat in the house. I should really make them more, because they're one of the easiest G/F items you can possibly make.
This recipe is for an oatmeal and sultana cookie. If you read my July post To Oat or Not to Oat you will know that oats are not suitable for all Coeliac's, if your sensitive (you poor lamb) to oat's this recipe isn't for you as it uses pure rolled oats, they're pure in the sense that they are processed in a factory which doesn't handle wheat or gluten and are therefore considered 'clean'. However, these biscuits are just as yummy without the oats so feel free to omit them.
In other G/F news, good old Phil Vickery has got a new book out, Seriously Good! Gluten-Free Baking, which will be worth at good butchers at I should imagine, also in the Telegraph recently (hark at me with my broadsheets!) there was a little article by Xanthe Clay (what a name!) on Phil's new book and is worth a little read as well, I'll put the link under Links to Love so you can peruse at your leisure.
It was also bought to my attention that annabelkarmel.com now do gluten free items, including some oh-so-cute gluten-free pasta stars (which are suitable for 7months+ by the way so I think we're all in the clear there). They also do some really very sweet baking sets, which I really shouldn't be coveting as they're for children, but what can I say, I cant resist the lure of tiara shaped cookie cutters.

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