Friday, 19 November 2010

Xmas Prep

My Dad and I went Christmas shopping this morning. We're ultra organised in this household, all of us hate being in the shops when its really busy, especially as I have the patience of a flea and am the most likely of the three of us to cause actual bodily harm to anyone getting in my way/pushing me/ treading on the backs of my shoes.
The town was (thankfully) not very busy, and I managed to squeeze in a Cinnamon Latte at Costa (poor competition to the might of the Eggnog Latte at Starbucks in my opinion). I got all the tags, and tissue paper and labels I need for my all handmade gifts, so that's another thing to tick off on my Master Xmas Plan.
I like rustic sort of shabby chic style Christmas decorations and wrappings so that's the sort of thing I'm going for with my homemade pressies.  I love all the Scandinavian style Xmas decorations on dotcomgifts at the moment, I'm trying to make my own using an old red and white checked pajama jacket!
I ordered a few Xmas pressies from Sunday Girl and they arrived a few days ago, I also got one of the signature 'Name Necklaces' that Stephanie (the girl who makes all the jewelery) does on the site, I might get another one with my alias Katie-Boo on it. Stephanie's site is great and well worth a look for lovely custom made jewelery and other super cute bits and bobs, I love it on there, I've had to resist the urge to buy more since we're so close to Christmas and I'm broke!
I've been compiling my Gluten-Free Eating Out Guide and also a special Gluten-Free Xmas Party Special about trying to eat safely at the mountains of parties during this time of year. I've nearly finished both guides and I'll post the Gluten-Free Eating Out Guide tomorrow and the other some time next week. If anyone has any questions about eating out, or any tips they might like to pass on just email me at or leave a comment, I really am very nice so don't ever be scared to email or comment.
I was dead crafty this year (it was almost like I could sense I was going to be cash strapped) and in January I bought some lovely Christmas cards in the sale, but as I manage to do every year I didn't buy enough cards (I'm a prolific card writer!) so I had to buy another pack, and I got some very sweet ones in Sainsbury's. I don't usually like cards with animals on, but I couldn't resist these, especially as the dogs are dressed up. My dog Rosie won't let me dress her up, but sometimes Poppy (my cat) will let me if shes feeling indulgent!).
I'm trying to bump out my (often very word heavy) posts with more pics, so today you can feast your eyes (lucky you) on my ace new necklace from Sunday Girl and also the bits and bobs I got today during my shopping trip.
Before I go..don't forget to email me or leave a comment with any questions or tips you might have! Have a fab night, I shall see you all tomorrow!

The tags and tissue paper for my pressies.

How cute are these pug cards?

My oh-so-ace Kate necklace from Sunday Girl.

My new H&M party frock.

Ideas and posts written up for 'A Girls Guide..'

Vintage Heart Christmas Decoration from dotcomgifts

Gingham Heart Decoration from dotcomgifts


  1. This post excites me muchly Kate! I too am going homemade this christmas! Also due to funds (or lack there of). Have you been watching Kirsty's homemade home?


  2. I love Kirsty's homemade home! I hope she does a Xmas one like she did last year because I was in love with that! What sort of things are you making? I can imagine your quite crafty Soph (crafty as in arty, not crafty as in sly!). x

  3. Me too!!!! Ha I like to attempt to make stuff, altho im still learning! Im making some heart lavender bags on gingham with cross stitch on it, tea cup candles, chutney, peppermint creams, gingerbread christmas trees, cocoanut ice and some cross stitch in frames for different people with things such as What Would Nigella Do or I *Heart* Gin on them! I think this is all a bit ambitious time wise tho! lol. What about you?


  4. Phew Soph, how the eck are you gunna get all that done?Have you started yet? I've not done a stitch! I've only made mincemeat!
    I'm doing lavender bags too, and also patch work pillows and pajama bags. Got me mincemeat made and im doing jam and also marshmallows, 'citing!
    I was gunna do the teacup candles as well..where can you buy wicks from? If you need any recipes just let me know, I have LOADS, g/f and non g/f. LOVE the sound of the Nigella cross stitch! We'll have to do a craft swap, each make something and have a send it in a swap to each other, seen as we're both nubes to the craft world! xx


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