Monday, 1 November 2010

A Crafty, Katie-Boo Christmas

This year I've decided to supplement my Christmas gift giving with homemade wonders hand made by yours truly. I've been inspired by Katie at What Katie Found and her take on a truly handmade, homemade christmas, check out her blog for some super cute gifts and ideas.
Annnnyway. I know the general consensus is that giving homemade gifts at Christmas as actually a majorly cheap skate way to run things, and I guess if you have a friend like Nigella, anything less than her entire kitchen collection would be a very scrooge like indeed, but I'm a lass with a cash flow problem goddammit so I shall beseech friends and family who are in receipt of said gifts to take into account im practically destitute and humbly except whatever they receive from me.
I'm getting a wriggle on early so that I'm not frantically tearing at my hair a week before Christmas trying to turn out 400 mince pies. I'm planning on using my newly relocated sewing skills in order to make some hand crafted lovelies for the ladies in my life, I'm also getting my jam making groove on and brewing (do you brew jam?) to pop in the hampers my mum makes for the old folk in our family.
For the first time ever I'm going to attempt mince pies, as I shall probably shrivel up and die from mince pie deficiency before sainsbury's get their gluten free mince pies on the shelves. I'm prepared with my suet-free, gluten free mincemeat recipe,which I'm brewing up next week so it's ready and waiting for when I start churning out the mince pies. I'll post the entire mince pie recipe including the mincemeat recipe up after I've had a chance to test the recipe. Can't let you use a rubbish mince pie recipe can I?
Despite probably coming across as a bigger brat than Lindsay Lohan, I'm actually rather easy to please. My Mum always says I'm the easiest person in the world to buy for, that the problem isn't not what to get for me, but when to stop. I'm generally a socks, pants and new mug kinda girl around Xmas time, but I have spotted a few bits and pieces, pricey and cheap which will defiantly be making my Christmas if you fancy buying your  favourite blogger a's a few idea's ;)

Milk Jug from

Baking Kit from John Lewis

Eco-Tea mugs from EcoTea

Egg Timer by

Pink mixer from Kenwood

Whats on your Xmas lists this year?


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